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Is the cover kinda stereotypical?
Ruthie Ruthie Nov 05, 2011 08:39AM
Okay, I don't want to open up a can of worms here, so please hear me out first.
Before anything else, I must say that I do appreciate effort the artist made to create the cover of this book - the artistic effects and graphics put into it are very well done. And I have nothing against the guy they used as a model.

However the thing is, I, as an Asian, feel that when the publishers chose the model, they didn't put much thought into the character of Jem and the only word that they probably thought encapsulated Jem's "look" was the word "Asian" (probably even forgetting the "half" part).

I feel like as if when looking for Jem's model the publishers thought:
"So what does Jem look like?"
"He's half-Asian."
"Oh, okay let's just google some Asian models and be done with it."
"But he's suppose to have silver hair and eyes"
"Just Photoshop it then"

However, may I just say that just because Jem is of Asian descent doesn't mean he necessarily has to have slanted eyes or look like the model/actor Rain.

We Asians have variety too you know? It's kinda annoying when people lump us all into one kind of "look". And especially when were talking about "half -Asian" or in Jem's case half-Chinese, looks may vary vastly.
Just take a look at the following guys (all of whom have Asian descent):
Eiji Wentz
Akihiro ''Aki'' Sato
Nicholas Saputra
Dennis Oh
Phil Younghusband
I have nothing against Rain (or the book's cover model). But I just want to point out is that sometimes people generalize Asians (and the way we look) too much and the cover of this book somehow made me feel that way. My bottomline - we have variety too :D

i'm an asian and i'm so glad that there's someone out there saying something about asian-stereotypes but the guys on the cover does look half asian, not at all like Rain. btw the pic of the first guy kinda looks like the jem i imagined. so cute!!!

I'm Asian and you should be thankful that there is an Asian model on the cover. Even if they did hardly care if the model was Fully Asian or Half. Cassie fought hard to convince the maker to find an Asian model because Jem is Half Asian. If it wasn't for Cassie then we would have had this white model on the front as Jem.

Ruthie wrote: "Okay, I don't want to open up a can of worms here, so please hear me out first.
Before anything else, I must say that I do appreciate effort the artist made to create the cover of this book - the a..."

I totally agree with you. Now I'm not Asian at all - in fact I have no idea what I am and I'm not particularly worried about it - but I totally get what you mean abou how they just basically said 'Oh he's half Asian, lets wack an Asian looking guy in there and silver up his hair'. I didn't really approve of that.

BUT The cover is gorgeous - as you said. AND sometimes, the designers over exaggerate things to get the point across. I think that they just made him look that way to make people go 'That's Jem' straight away. They just exaggerated it I think. Having said that though, I think they missed the 'half' part. but yeah.

I see what you mean, and I get kind of annoyed too at the lack of diversity amongst characters and books too. I agree with you. But at the same time I can see fans going into violent rage over the cover if Jem didn't look asian enough for their taste. I've seen it happen before.

Also, something looks seriously off about the guy's body on the cover. It's like the head doesn't belong one the body. The more I look at it the more it bothers me.

jem loks fine what if he is asian he is half chinese but the guy needs to look more paler and have more silverin his hair

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I am probably gonna open a can of worms here but I cannot let this slide.
First, it is very likely that the cover model is a guy called Forrest Hoffman or his brother Remington (that chin is very noticeable), what "half-Asian" he is, I cannot say, simply that based on the description given for Jem in Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince he looks nothing like Jem. As a matter of fact he matches Will much more than he does Jem. That is why many readers actually thought the guy on the cover was Will. He looks very European with his pointy nose and deep set eyes and hair. His cheekbones aren't especially prominent either and many Europeans have much higher ones, I knew several myself.
Second, I know Clare gets kudos for chosing the model, just as she gets kudos for including Jem or Magnus and Alec, but personally I do not think this cover should be given any credit, since the guy is simply not Jem. That Eiji Wentz actor has, when you google him, a very thin and apart from his eye-shape very European looking face, in some videos on youtube where its farther away you would probably think he is a European. Another actor fitting Jem's description better would be Mario Maurer.
But with his obvious health, well tanned face, deep black hair, and well fed frame the cover model looks like Will with Jem's cane, not like Jem, whose thinness and frailty was highlighted several times over the first two TID books. And considered how much they photoshopped the cover already they could have made the hair and skin much lighter but they did not and Clare approved of the cover, at least that is what she claims.
Basically in my eyes Clare was not able to let go of her specific type that is represented by either Jace or Alec (and who features in practically all of her books) and chose a model that looks similar and so the cover ended up with this Will-look alike who only has one thing in common with Jem: He looks very European.

The looks didn't really bother me....
Just the fact he looks 30 not 17...

off topic......Nicholas is pretty sexy...I just fell in!!!sadly people are never he didn't look asian someone would be mad about that......if he looked too asian someone would criticize that.....i het sick of authors trying to mix up races so that the character becomes all exotic but they are rarely just that race...why does jem have to be part asian instead of full asian....why does zoey in house of night have to be half cherokee instead of full,or patrice in evernight is half black and a way it's all a little prejudice.i enjoy alot of these books but for once I want a character to be an authentic hawaiian or egyptian or!!!!

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Seriously? The cover is RASCIST now? Jem is half chinese why CAN'T he look asian? And I don't really think publishers just slap on a cover onto book without some input from the author. I'm sure Cassandra Clare herself saw her own book's cover before it was released, if there was a problem with it don't you think she might have actually SAID SO since she'd the person who should know BEST about what Jem should look like?

I'm absolutely NOT saying that ALL asians look the same, I'm Asian as well and I definitely do not have those pretty slanted eyes (Ok that description was kinda stereotypical but my vocab isn't that great, so sorry) even though I sorta want them. BUT!!!! I really don't get why you people have to kick up a fuss about Jem looking asian when HE. IS. ASIAN.

Ok, in the first post (sorry I'm too darn lazy to read the other posts much) the last paragraph said even though Jem was of Asian descent, it "doesn't mean he necessarily has to have slanted eyes..." right? WRONG. Jem does have slanted eyes, and I can quote the book as well.

Clockwork Angel, Prologue, Page 9, Line 25. (It might be slightly different if your book isn't the exact same as mine but you should get the general idea of where it is right?)

"His (Jem) eyes were the same silver, and his fine-boned face was angular, the slight curve of his eyes the only clue to his heritage"

I don't really like or hate the guy on the cover, (I like to picture Jem a little differently) but I think the people who made the cover did a pretty good job. Before you complain about something like this, do a little background check first, it took me less than a minute to find the quote up there. (Of course, I read the books cover to cover loads of times since I am a die-hard fan, but still, it couldn't really be that hard to check on Jem's looks?)


I think I may sound quite 'in your face' here, it's because I am quite irritated that this amazing book has been labelled racist for something that was done right because the person who has done the labeling didn't do a proper check of what Jem should look like. STILL, I APOLOGISE for offending anyone, and for sounding rude which I'm sure I do (delicacy is not my strong point). This series is my absolute favorite and I can not stand it being criticized unfairly, hence my extreme frustration at this thread, as well as the evil cliffhanger Cassandra Clare just HAD to drop on us... *sigh* Once again, apologies for any offense caused by my comment here, I am terrible at diplomacy so I just let myself be blunt. Also, I'm sorry for any mistakes or whatever I made while typing, my fingers are really clumsy so I type some weird stuff sometimes by mistake.

Most of all, I apologise for this freaking long post, it has probably killed you all to read it.

*Death and other injuries caused by reading this excessively long post will not be recognized by poster though she does send her deepest condolences*

Your subject line does not match what you are arguing. The cover is not racist whatsoever. You may take issue that he looks like Rain, but that doesn't make it racist to any degree. I don't mean to be bitchy or anything, but look up the word racist. Perhaps the word stereotypical would fit your topic more?

The guy on the cover is Daniel Dae Kim, he's from the TV series Hawaii Five 0

Ruthie ummm no honey, it's not Daniel Dae Kim ...more
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Just want to make things clear. The guy on the cover 'jem' does look mixed asian. Trust me. Mixed asians can also get asian features okay. The model is apparently Forrest Hoffman and is also half asian. Jem is so super awesome and the cover is gorgeous btw.

I agree with ElectrikRed, I can't believe that you are complaining that the guy looks Asian. Quite honestly it is only a little in the eyes. Seriously I think Asian guys are hot and I love Rain. I and many others hate when Hollywood homogenizes Asians or totally changes them to a white guy. If the guy looked any whiter there would be complaints about that.

To ElectrikRed I don't think writers are just trying to make their characters seem more exotic it is more the reality of our world today that cultures are intermarrying. I live in the northwest and it is starting to become rare that someone is full blood anything. I think it is great we are exploring so many visions of beauty.

but it's not Jem on the cover. It's Will.

Marz On the FAQ of Cassandra Clare's website she says that Will is on CLockwork Angel, Jem is on CW Prince, and Tessa will be on CW Princess ...more
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