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Percy Jackson vs. Jason Grace UPDATED
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Best friends or worst enemies? They seem alike in many different ways so it's difficult to tell.

Alright. So most of you said that Percy and Jason would butt heads but they would get along for the most part. And that Percy would win in a fight.

So, what do you think would make them disagree with each other? Leadership, morals, battle strategies, opinions, personalities, etc? We never know for sure until the next book comes out (can't wait!)

Both of them are used to being in charge and for the most part people don't question them. They will probably butt heads a few times before they start trusting each other and getting along.

i think it's going to be like Percy's relationship with Thalia... they butt heads but in the end they're friends.

i think Percy could kick Jason's BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Jason might be pissed of at Percy for stealing his leadership position and everything. That might lead to a serious storm.

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Percy is pretty easy going and maybe he would like someone else to be leader(:

They'll be friends for sure. But if its combat Percy would win, he beat Kronos, Hyperion and all those Titans single handedly.

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I have read every book and they never got into any hurricanes v. lightning type thing.
They turned out to be really good friends

Jason is the better leader

i think percy is wayyy better than jason beacuse it said he fought like a demon also percy has way more training than jason

Percy,when hazel first meet Nico she thought he was even powerful than Reyna and maybe even jason than she saw Percy.If Rick Riodan wanted Jason to be a more powerful demigod than percy or a better one he would of written more books about Jason's path.And percy had way more adventures than jason Kronos,Lightning bolt,sea of monsters battle of the labyrinth and he freakin feel into taturaus and survived.I think jason is a more up tight guy then percy who is laid-back and easy.And when Percy was just 12 and he didn't have any training and just found out he was a demigod he killed the minotaur.And when Percy went to camp jupiter it took him just a week to become praetor when it took Jason years.and Reyna put Octavian the guy who hates Jason to look for him.Not a smart move don't ya think.So I'm my case Percy is way more awesome and cooler than Jason

WOW, looking through the comments, it looks like most people have voted that percy would win. So, why is that?

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I dont think they will butt heads, Percy is the "glue" he keeps everyone together

i think percy would have died a million times if not for the curse of achilles and he could not have beaten kronos without it. as for jason he didn't need iron skin to beat krios so i think jason would have the upper hand in a fight.

Percy killed the minotaur in shock from losing his mother. Jason got KOed by cyclopes. Percy toke down a cyclope. Jason gets self-consous whenever he fights a monster or overestimated himself. PERCY ALL THE WAY.

This is pretty hard. Jason has had more experience since he has been at Camp Jupiter for 12 years and Percy has been at Camp Half Blood for less. I think they would be equal matches

Well, I'm sure Jason won't be too happy to have been replaced. That will probably be why he doesn't like Percy. Plus, Poseidon and Zeus aren't known for getting along. Thalia and Percy often got into fights.


Zack you gotta think about it, jason may get knocked out alot which is his fatal flaw, but jason is way more heroic than percy, when annabeth fell down that cliff in titans curse did percy jump down? NO. jason jumped down the grand cannyon not knowing what was going on to save piper. Most people say percy has more expierance but he acctually doesnt. Jason has been training And fighting since he was 2! Jason had 10 more years of expierance than percy. And jason wasnt all mad and stuff when he came home with percy preator. And ever since percy went in tartarus he started to turn develish. I like percy but jason is te obvious winner here

I think that Percy and Jason are both used to being in charge and may be weary of each other at first. They might disagree about battle strategies because they're Roman and Greek. You know?

Most likely best friends. I think they would easily understand each other, and would make the awesom-est tag-team in the series XD fans will die to see that. I can't think of any reason for them to be enemies.

Jason. Percy is too ignorant.

Cleopatraselene2 He is ignorant in a different sense. He bases decisions off his own emotions and not logic. He screws off a lot. He is so focused on Annabeth.
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I like Percy's chances because the Roman way of fighting seems really ordered and set in stone. That can be a good thing, of course, but it means Percy is better at adapting to different situations. In a army-v.-army fight, the Romans would win, most likely. But in a man-v.-man (a.k.a Percy-v.-Jason) fight, I think the Greek (Percy) would win.

I'm so excited for either one!!! :) I think both relationships would be OK for the series. Personally I agree with Caaleros. They might butt heads but I think that they'll be friends for the most part! :)

I think that the first meeting they'll be like "I'm the more tougher guy" and have bragging rights and all. But when they start to get to know each like Percy will learn Jason is Thalia's brother and Jason will learn of Percy's accomplishments, they'll slower like each other.

Interesting comments guys! Most of you were right! They did get along fairly well, but did butt heads a few times. Can't wait for House of Hades!

I know they will be friends for the most part but they will deffently butt heads through out the story!!!

percy is kind enough to be friendly and all.
but jason might be angry that percy became praetor when he was gone.

friends. riordan doesn't write very much hatred... which is a total overstatement. they might argue a little, but always friends. but we all know that percy could destroy jason with like, NO EFFORT.

i would like to see a movie about them fighting if they did id be a awesome movie i think luke should come back and end there fighting or somethin idk percy all the way

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