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Dee Clarke I loved this book series. I am about camerons age and i just fell in love with it. It makes me upset however to find out that i have to wait a whole year until this book is released. Im upset but also excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah Kogan the thing that bothers mr the most is that authors right books but they never have the second book ready e.g i read the lost hero than i waited a year until the son of neptune came out i read the son of neptune in 1 day and now i have to wait another year

that is exactly how i feel about GG5 i simply cant wait i have to have the book soon i just read what its about and now i really am starting to go crazy i really need to read this book hopefully soon i dont want to wait till march im a 11 year old kid patience was never ( and never will be ) my virtue all im saying is arghgarhagrara

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Dee Clarke Lolz I understand

Shelby I'd just like to say it takes time to write books. They don't just dash down the book in a couple of days and then turn it in to their publisher! Even if that was the case, it still takes time for a book to be printed. Ally Carter is also working on another series as well. All this takes time. To expect books from any author to come out smack dab one after the other is unrealistic and shows no appreciation for how long and how hard it takes to write a book. Just my two cents.

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Dee Clarke I'm not bashing. I'm excited. I understand what it takes to write books. Goodness don't take it so personal

Bridey YES!!! I can't wait to read this, its going to be AWESOME!!!

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