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Flight #116 Is Down!
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teenage fiction: Plane crashes behind teen girl house (spoilerish)) [s]

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Louise | 20 comments Read in the late 90's/00's.

Girl (reserved, quiet person) is on her own in family house. She sees a jumbo jet crash in bottom of field behind the house. She calls the emergency services and tries to help. A boy from her high school who was an ambulance volunteer comes to check her story, as she wasn't believed.

They then set about trying to save people etc

Things I remember

one of the survivors spends ages looking for a hair drier. The girl is upset that disaster is named after her house. a bit of dialogue:

"The ?? house crash is very unusual" Girl: "Why" "There were survivors"

Louise | 20 comments YAY!!!!

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