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Getting past the first book...
Shennel Muhsin Shennel Muhsin Nov 04, 2011 10:53PM
I really loved the first book. I remember tearing my hair out as I was nearing the end and there was no sign of Sam returning. But then he did come back and it just ended beautifully in my opinion. I mean, it was all so tense and then there were only two pages left and you're still left wondering and then finally, there's Sam! The end.

I know there are two more books, but I'm too scared to read them because I loved how the first one ended and I just don't want to see it suddenly torn to pieces because of a love triangle or something else just as bad. I loved the ending of the first book. I mean, REALLY loved it and it made me so happy...but I'm too scared to pick up the other two.

So, my question is should I continue to read it or just not bother? I don't want major spoilers or anything, please...^^"

Definitely go for it... the next two books, like Sarah said, have more characters that you will love!!! :)

read them... the second is just as amazing! I have the third still left to read :P

yes continue. im reaidng the third right now xD

YES!!!! you must continue reading the series and don't worry about the love triangles or anything as that may not be what you expect it to be. And also new characters are also introduced which makes the other two books even better.

So, I would say got for it!! :D

Shennel Muhsin Alright, I will go on reading the next two. It's just it ended so perfectly in the first book that I couldn't help but feel so anxious about the conti ...more
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deleted user what are the two books cause i would definetly read them!
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