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Elske (Tales of the Kingdom, #4)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Historical Fiction about a servant girl who helps a queen regain her throne (contains spoilers) [s]

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Karina | 4 comments Out of all the books I've ever searched for, I remember the most of this one, but still can't find it.

It involves a girl (something like a Viking society?) who is supposed to be a sacrifice when the chieftan dies, but her grandmother disguises her and is sacrificed in her stead. The girl runs away, eventually meets up with this caravan, where a family takes her in, eventually she lands a job with a noble woman (I believe her name was something like "beryl," but not sure) who is pregant. Turns out the noblewoman was supposed to be queen, her brothers didn't like that, so they had their soldiers rape her until she became pregnant. The noblewoman ran away as well. The servant girl helps her disguise her pregnancy, and when the baby (a boy) is born, servant takes him to her "family," because one of the sons married a woman but the family is infertile. The Son and his wife take the child in.

After that, the noblewoman leaves to get an army to gain her throne back, servant goes with her. One of the noblemen who pledges his allegiance to the noblewoman/queen lady falls in love with the servant girl. I remember he teaches her how to swim. I also remember in the battle, the noblewoman's army is hidden on small boats, and the servant girl goes with them. She shows herself naked to the enemy, to phyche them out, or something like that. Well, the noblewoman becomes queen, and she allows the servant girl and the nobleman to marry, and that's about the end of the story.

I also distinctly recall that the cover of the book was a picture of "The Girl with the Pearl Earring." The last time I read it was probably about 5 years ago, so the cover may have changed since then. I really, really adored this book, and would love to find it again.

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Jillian (jilliangs) | 48 comments Wow. The Wings of a Falcon and Jackaroo were two of my favorite novels growing up, and somehow I had NO IDEA there were TWO OTHER CONNECTED NOVELS until this post made me want to get more information about Elske. Thanks, Rebecca and Moonchaii, for blowing my mind / giving me two new books to read. :-D

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Karina | 4 comments O my lord! Thank you so, so much Rebecca! I don't know why I couldn't find the book...Can't wait to buy this and read it (again ,and again-I think this is a good contender for the book I've read the most in my life)

Jillian-I've read Jackaroo and On Fortune's Wheel...I never really realized the books were in a series, or that they were by the same author (book obliviousness kicking in here...)

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Rebecca (liralin) | 197 comments You're very welcome! This was one that I thought I knew just from your title, and your description just further confirmed it. Love Cynthia Voigt's Kingdom books. :)

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Jillian (jilliangs) | 48 comments I'm glad that someone else was confused about the Kingdom series too, and now we can both (re)read it.

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