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Ren or Kishan. Thoughts anyone?

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Kassie I honestly can't decide who I want her to choose. One moment I love Ren but then I adore Kishan. It seems to be obvious that destiny is pointing towards Ren but I don't want poor Kishan's heart to be broken.

BGirl i totally agree, how is Colleen Houck ever going to wrap this up with a happy ending?! If she pulls a Stephanie Meyer and just has Kishan fall in love with Kelsey's daughter, I think I might puke.

Jennifer Dupriest I love REN, but I wouldn't want Kishan to be hurt. He deserves a happy ending... Maybe a new character will come up later in the series, someone that Kishan could be with????

Kassie I keep thinking maybe Nilima for whoever she doesn't choose but I still can't decide. Also, I totally agree with bookbabe she better not pull any of those tricks or I'll be pissed. I've loved this series so far, even tho it has the typical ya love triangle. I'll be the first to admit, I love me a good romance! And tho I did like the Twilight series when I read them they have definitely lost it's flare with all the craziness that it became in the media. All in all I love ya books and this series with it's back set of Indian culture I just hope it doesn't get a bad rap by people saying it's "the next twilight".

Kelsi Calliari Kelsey should be with REn and Kishen should end up with me. Kelsey is always saing how much better REn is so do something about it!! Din't give ren up so easily!! I love Kishan's attitude but eh just isn't in Kelsey's cards.

Hannah I thought Ren, but now, KISHAN. He actually cares for her and wants her to be happy.

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Angi Naerebout REN!!! They are meant to be together...she has to force her relationship with Kishan. The passion and fire between Kelsey and Ren show that they are the ones who belong together. They don't have to force their love- they will never be truly happy without one another.

Kishan is great but he deserves to be with someone who loves him with the same passion that Kelsey and Ren love each other. It's not fair to Kishan- he really does deserve better! Someone will come into the picture to do that, I hope :o)

And no baby stuff- that would definitely be terrible!

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Lou k REN all the way i mean i totally understand why shes still with kishan but i mean c'mon Rens way hotter and hes sweet and caring 1 second then controlling and sexy the next but kishan would always be there and rens always going off and risking his life, still i would choose ren cause she never feels truely happy or full woth kishan an dwith ren its like an all consuming fire so intense and overwhelming

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REN. I hope Kishan meets someone nice ..... maybe Nilma or Li's Sis (if he had one) Li was nice!

Savannah Hmm... Its hard to say. It's like this:
1st book- love Ren.
2nd book- love Ren, then start to like Kishan,hate Ren.
3rd book- dislike Ren, love Kishan, love Ren, hate Ren,Love Kishan, love Ren, love Kishan,love Kishan.
Over all there is more likes and loves in Kishan's direction. Its hard, but i'd have to say Ren, he really brings out so many emotions in her. But Kishan should get someone, too. And i HOPE and PRAY she doesn't pull a Kishan falls in love with Kelsey's kid.

Sytara Ren for sure. Kelsey loves both guys but it's obvious that she's in love with Ren more. I'm sure Kishan can find somebody else to like.

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Soub I just hope its Ren i mean all this chemistry between kelsey and Ren say it all. Kishan deserve someone who loves him equally.

Maureen Hoar I hope Kelsey gets Ren and I will gladly take Kishan!! I love that tall dark and handsome, passionate man! But seriously I hope Keshan gets the happy ending that he deserves. I think that the love triangle is just repeating history and it wouldn't be good for Keshan to rip Kelsey away from Ren....bad karma.

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Tigerflare It's going to be neither get her. Remember her dream about she had to chose which one of them got to live, and which on had to die?(One of the dreams about Lokesh)

I think she's going to chose herself to die, instead of the two brothers. She could never chose who should die and who should live. She loves them both too much to chose one brother over the other.

I have no doubt that that time will truly come, and i don't believe she will chose either of them, but will chose herself

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Tracy It would be a terrible waste of reading if Ren and Kelsey don't end up together with Kishan having a great ending also. Be creative, but end it on a positive note..I want to end up with a positive and optomistic feeling at the end - no depressing stuff. The world is too full of that already!

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Jenny wrote: "I love REN, but I wouldn't want Kishan to be hurt. He deserves a happy ending... Maybe a new character will come up later in the series, someone that Kishan could be with????"

That would be so great! I don't want Kishan to be unhappy because Kelsey's with his brother. He should definately find a love interest himself.And yes, I do want Kelsey to be with Ren. Even though Ren didn't always act like it, I know he loved Kesey because he went after her. Although I feel bad for both
boys, because they don't know who Kelsey will end up with, I still love that there is a love triangle with the two brothers. They're both really protective about Kelsey and would do anything for them. That's something I really addmire anout the two of them. I think it's really sweet. So although I like them both equally, I still think Kelsey shoud end up with Ren. He's the oldest, and I think that although they would both be good for her, Ren would be the best.Only by a little though.(LOL:D)

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Kelsi Calliari wrote: "Kelsey should be with REn and Kishen should end up with me. Kelsey is always saing how much better REn is so do something about it!! Din't give ren up so easily!! I love Kishan's attitude but eh ju..."\
Ha,ha,ha. I totally agree. There shuld be a Ren or Kishan for every girl out there.

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Angi wrote: "REN!!! They are meant to be together...she has to force her relationship with Kishan. The passion and fire between Kelsey and Ren show that they are the ones who belong together. They don't have t..."

Totally. KIshan and Kelsey, although they try and meant to be together. They don't have the same connection as Ren and Kelsey. Honestly, they could start a fire with the sparks they create when they're with each other!

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I love both boys. They are both sweet and care about KElsey in their own ways. I REALLY hope that Kelsey enads up with one or the other. I hope it isn't liek in some books where the girl ends up with a comletely differen guy.That would suck. But, I reallt want Kelsey to end up with Ren.He is so sweet and romantic!
I did feel sorry for Kelsey thought. She ha dto go through so much pain when Ren lost his memory. I still love him, but I mean, he cant' really expect Kelsey to come running back to him after everything he put her through. Even though he was a comlete jerk to Kelsey, I still think he cares for her, and they belong together.

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Ash wrote: "REN. I hope Kishan meets someone nice ..... maybe Nilma or Li's Sis (if he had one) Li was nice!"

Yeah. that would be good for Kishan.

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Kassie wrote: "I honestly can't decide who I want her to choose. One moment I love Ren but then I adore Kishan. It seems to be obvious that destiny is pointing towards Ren but I don't want poor Kishan's heart to ..."

I totallyy agree. THey both are great guys. Picking one or the other is like picking a trip to Disney World, or a trip to New York. Either way you made a good choice, but which one do you really want?

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Shauna Well... I'm hoping she picks Ren. They are totally perfect for eachother. Kishan deserves someone perfect too. I'm thinking she brings back Yesubai or a relative of hers for Kishan..... But thats just a thought.

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Aly I think it should be Kishan. Kelsey and Ren remind me too much of Bella and Edward, she's too hopelessly in love with him to see that he treats her like dirt. i mean yes, he's kind and he is a perfect gentleman and he claims that he would fight to get her back, but if he could just forget about her so easily (Yeah, yeah, Lokesh, whatever), then who says the feelings there were that strong in the first place. Maybe she's just surprised but how strongly she feels for him and is scared to actually feel differently because she's afraid he'll get hurt. On the otherhand, Kishan, while he makes his sentiments known, is willing to let her be with who ever she wants to be with, so long as she's happy. If you love them, you let them go right?

Plus, who doesn't love a bad boy? And Ren can get so damn controlling and aggravating, I just want to smack him sometimes.

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Kpratt My daughter thinks that Kishan will somehow end up with the Goddess Durga. Hmmm.

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Alyssa i think kelsey should end up with kishan they share a like with things and hes been through alot he really wants to settle down plus hes been with kelsey through alot and hes warm caring and actually gets her and care for her

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Anna I personally see history repeating itself here. First Ren was set up to marry Yesubai, then Kishan spent time with her while Ren was away to war and they fell in love,then Ren comes back, but Yesubai has already made her decision to choose Keishan.....anybody else seeing it? Instead of Ren being off to war he has lost his memories, and Kishan steps in to pick up the pieces left behind. At this time there are only a few options that I can imagine.
1. Kelsey chooses Kishan, just like Yesubai chose him....a bit boring and predictable.
2. Kelsey chooses Ren, unlike Yesubai did....again predictable in a way, but not following past history.
3. Something to do with betrayal or possible death of either brother or Kelsey therefore eliminating possibilities.
My first inclination is that due to past history Kelsey is less likely to choose Kishan when the time comes because she has the knowledge of the love triangle in the past. Also as an author I would hope that Colleen Houck decides not to follow the past example of the Kishan, Ren, Yesubai love triangle, while sweet and endearing to see Kishan so devoted, its just like before, with Ren left alone. I don't find myself rooting for anyone in general....I think that the end of the journey will decide who goes where and like everyone else on here I pray for no children!

Sabrina Wow this is hard....kelsey describes both men to be handsome, caring , and well pretty much good at every thing ! kishan is like a bad boy almost like a darker version of Ren(HOT!!!!) but that's on the outside... kishan is just as charming and sweet as ren. ren on the other side is passionate and romantic.(dont get me wrong kishan is to)these days there just isn't a guy like ren or his brother. Man kelsey is one lucky little *itch!! i can understand it must be hard for her though....stuck between the most goergous and most reliable men in the world. somedy i want a guy like one of them which i am sure are extincted but hy there are possiblities....hopes she chooses the right one...guess we'll find out in TIGER'S DESTINY!!

Darian Carter-Pace Ren for kelsey and nilima for kishan is what I think should happen (Ren and Kelsey FOREVER!!!!)

Imasha I feel so sorry for Kishan. He deserves kelsey. But Ren is heartbroken. So it's a hard choice. A movie on this book will break through the Twilight Wall in a week. I know the decision will be Right. :) ;P

Imasha Kassie wrote: "I honestly can't decide who I want her to choose. One moment I love Ren but then I adore Kishan. It seems to be obvious that destiny is pointing towards Ren but I don't want poor Kishan's heart to ..."

I Tottally Agree!!!!!

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Zulmira Mesquita Kishan bonzinho aonde? Que prazer é esse de se apaixonar pelas mulheres de REN? Estava na hora de Kelsey correr atrás de Ren. muitos criticam a atitude de Ren quando perdeu a memória e se afastou de Kelsey para protegê-la.E o que ela fez em Oregan ? " Ren vou sair com meu amigo" você fica ai me esperando. Quem aceitaria isso!
Ren merece kelsey é amor verdadeiro. Ele é maravilhoso.O olhar dele na perna da Kelsey através da fenda do vestido é fantástico!

Sabrina (SPOILER ALERT FOR TIGER'S QUEST READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)..........i'm guessing kishan might get Durga...it could happen he was practualy drulling over her

Imasha Maybe he could! I really want to find out. I am counting Down Days.

20 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Owl Feathers It's pretty obvious that Ren and Kelsey are going to be together, but I've heard Kishan either falls in love with Nilima or Kishan will be thinking about staying in the past with Durga around the end of the book. I just hope she doesn't make it seem like everything revolves around Kelsey and Ren or I'll be disappointed. Anyone else notice that Kelsey is the younger version of Colleen Houck? .-.

MadangeL You know when that person Waaaaaay up there said that neither Ren nor Kishan would get Kelsey? I believe that that is wrong. In the books they have to make5 sacrifices right? I think that Mr. Kadam is going to sacrifice himself. Just Guessing. :)

Imasha OMG! that could happen!
13 more days to go!!!!!!!!

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diemmi147 I tell you what. My opinion of what is an ideal ending for this whole story is for Durgar to turn Kelsey into an immortal girl tiger. Then she can run off to the forest, build a harem of two tigers: black and white, start producing cubs with them and live happily ever after.
What's wrong with choosing both men anyway? I'm pretty open-minded. Well, I'm not exactly in favour with the idea of a peson having a harem of too many mistresses or men where he/she can trifle with them out of lust or pleasures. However, as long as you love the two men whole-heartedly, i think it should work out somehow. Yeah, that's greedy. But i think both Ren and Kishan are the two important pieces of Kelsey's world; without either one of them, she cannot be complete. And they do deserve her. To be honest, they deserve even better, and i'm not even sure Kelsey deserves them.
I've once read a book about a girl loving two guys. Can't remember what the title was. There was no definite ending to the story and the protagonists' lives, but the heroine chose to follow her heart and loved both men. Of course, there were conflicts, but the two guys chose to call a truce for the sake of their beloved girl. Another story was about two girls who fell for a man and decided to share the same husband who loved them above all else, and they to him. Curiously, both stories were written by asian writers, to be exact, japanese and chinese, respectively.
I have yet read any books written by western authors with such similar endings. I wonder if Colleen Houck will have a try at this :))
And I really mean it. I wish both Ren and Kishan could be with Kelsey. It's too cruel to break either of their hearts.

Imasha Yeah Totally!!

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diemmi147 Ok. So I'm done reading book 3. And all I can tell is Colleen Houck's attempts at subtlities failed utterly. I can see hints scattered around virtually everywhere, that Durga is going to get Kishan. What she's going to do with him I can only guess, but I'm not happy at all with what I can surmise. Either she's going to turn him into an immortal tiger pet, or even a consort (eurgh...). And that's sickening, plain sickening and rubbish. I don't think it a cool ending at all for Kishan despite the fact that she's a beautiful goddess. The guy's life-time desire is only to have a happy life as a man with the one he loves, build a warm family, have children. Is it too much to ask? And Colleen is just going to dash away all his hope and turn him into a deity. Should we build a statue for him and start worshipping him, offering him incence and prayers, huh?
I so much prefer Durga to leave the guy alone, heartbroken he maybe. But perhaps, Colleen could start another series, with a so much more badass heroine for Kishan alone. That should serve Kelsey right! And I would enjoy this new series. Oh, but please not Nilima. I like the girl, but you know, surely the world is big enough for them to get outside of their rather confined circle. There's no need to pair every one of them in it together, right?
Kishan is a guy full of energy, so cheerful and optimistic. Yes, I love Ren. But I love Kishan, too. I want to support him and see that he is to be given a happy ending as well, one that Kelsey's promised him, but I doubt she could fulfil it with the state of mind she is in. He's surfered much, has given away much for Kelsey. I want to see him happy, as a mortal man, not to see his life cut short and offered to a deity. You think turning him into a god cool, Mrs Houck? No, I happen to disagree. I think it's rather blasphemous to build an image of a god meddling with mortal lives, all the while fastening an amorous design on one. Of course, Greek gods and goddess did that all the time. But it's already in the past, they are quite out-dated at the present. Now is the time for properly-mannered gods. And a god that schemes and lures a man into her disgusting love trap has no place in this age. I don't like Durga at all, and I'm livid. I don't care if she, perchance, read this little speech of mine, and decides to blast me or what, I just can't stand it. Durga, if you decide to spare him, I don't mind being on my knees begging you. Just please give Kishan a chance at living a life that he is worth.
The writing about how I wished Kelsey would be turned into tiger, and choose both guys I posted some time ago is obviously unfounded and a lost cause. I don't know how it's going to turn out with Kelsey and Ren, but I hope it will be a good one. Unless, Collen decides to surprise us all and is going to pair Kelsey with a complete who-know-who guy. What I'm worrying about is what's going to happen to Kishan. *sighs* I hope all what I talked up there is nonesense, that I've been wrong all along, that no such thing would be Kishan's end. I feel heavy and desperate. I wish I could see the ending soon, which, apparently, is not the case. Perhaps, time will help prepare me for what I will have to face eventually. Regarless, please do not give me a full-in-the-face blow, it would still hurt.
This is hardly a review for book 3. Because I did not talk about anything except Kishan's fate and Durga's sick intent, so I posted it here. I just wanted to vent out all my angers, so I'm sorry guys (or girls :P) that I bother you so much with such unnecessarily long speech. Forgive me *sniff*. Sorry again if it is in a wrong direction of what you've been discussing.

MadangeL So um... yah. NEXT WEEK O MI GAWD MESA IS SOOOO EXITED! Hey, ina gonna try and start new topic ok? But anyways, I vote Ren because he loved her first and is like, wicked hot in my mind and his methods of seduction give me goosebumps. WAIT A MINUITE! WAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? UGH, STUPID CRAZY TEENAGE HORMONES!!! :) seriously though I am a biiig ReKelsey fan. Oh! And I heard (SPOILER ALERT) that the next book has TWO points of view instead of just Kelsey. Who's it gonna be? (REN! REN! REN!) :) -@

MadangeL P.S, what is
Colleen's email? I want to tell her how awesome she is! -@

Imasha Same!!!
Follw her on twitter. :)

MadangeL Imasha wrote: "Same!!!
Follw her on twitter. :)"

sadly, i 2 young my mom says. :*(

Imasha really ?? Bummer.

MadangeL i no right? but whateva, shes just trying to protect my innocence. I STARTED MY KNEW TOPIC. Peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies:)

Imasha Ha!!!!!
I actually like them too!

MadangeL rad. you should check it out. *mufufu* made it maself. :)

Imasha Ha!! Good one! btw great 2 be friends with ya!! :D

MadangeL THANK U SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! :)

Imasha No Problem!!!!! So have you read tiger's Destny yet???

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