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2nd Building: Dorms > Shoal, Riley, and Edmund's Dorm {WBrilliant, Ellie & Kirby}

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Will :) | 22 comments Shoal, Riley, and Edmunds dorm will add room image soon!!

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((uhm... my character is Riley :D ))

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Will :) | 22 comments ((o um srry will change now XD))

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((lol. It's okay :) thanks))

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Will :) | 22 comments ((finding a dorm now :)))

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Will :) | 22 comments [image error]
Here is a nice dorm I really like it if u dont just say

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((uhm... I think you gotta erase the characters next to .jpg so we could see the image.))

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((I like it, really :) love the warm, contemporary colors...))

message 9: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 22 comments Thanx! Yea the other one didnt work but Ilike this one better :) ))

message 10: by Kirby (new)

Kirby (oh, I really like that too!)

message 11: by Kirby (new)

Kirby Edmund, having finally found the right room, exhaled with relief when he saw it was empty. He needed some time alone to regain his composure. "Stupid, stupid, stupid- why do you ALWAYS have to say the wrong thing?" he asked himself with exasperation. His mental self-flagellation came to an abrupt halt when he really looked at the room for the first time. "Whoa," he said aloud as his eyes drank in the luxurious room. Beautiful hardwood floors, newly painted walls, matching furniture- he had never lived anywhere even half this nice. Whisper let out a three-syllable meow, and Edmund looked down at her, suddenly hesitant to put her down. "Whisper, I swear if you mess up this room, I will kill you," he said sternly. Her response was to stretch her neck and rub the side of her face against his nose. He took his shoes off and laid down on one of the three beds, not wanting to release Whisper until he could ask the roommates' permission.

message 12: by Will :) (new)

Will :) | 22 comments Shoal walked down the hall with the boys dorms and finally found one with the paque that said "Shoal Caverns" in a silver plaque with 2 other plaques below it. He opened the door and looked around there were 3 identical bedrooms and he chose the one with the view of the lake, he was walking to his room when a small cat brushed up against his leg, "Well hello there little one where did you come from?" Then a guy walked out of the room next to his, " Oh this guy must be yours, I'm Shoal, and you are?" Shoal asked with a smile.

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Kirby "Oh, hi Shoal, I'm Edmund. I'm really sorry about the cat, I was trying to hold onto her but she just wasn't having she gonna be a problem?"

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Will :) | 22 comments "Nice to meet you Edmund. Oh no she shouldnt be a problem at all! I love cats theyre so friendly I'll be happy to have a little cat around." Shoal walked into his room, " Wow this view is great! He set his bags down and walked back out. " You hungry? I make a killer lasagna."

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Kirby Edmund relaxed a little. "Cool. And hel- er, I mean, heck yeah, I could eat!"

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Will :) | 22 comments "Fantastic I'll get cooking." Shoal went through to the kitchen(state of the art) and found exactly what he was looking for and within 20 mins a great smell filled the entire dorm. "Dinners almost done you wanna set the table set it for three in case our other roomate shows up!" Shoal shouted through to the other room. He also set out a bowl of food for Whisper.

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