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Blood Bone and Muscle | 1028 comments ((Ah, c'est la police! ^^ Sont un peux trop tards, penses-tu pas?))

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Amber Ole burst into the room and up to the reception desk, "I need Sheriff Jackson! Now!"

The receptionist recognized her and they weren't busy, she pointed to his office.

Ole ran into the room and before the Sheriff could get a word out she said, "My mom's gone! Someone kidnapped her! You have to help!"

Sheriff Jackson went through the normal procedures and reassured Ole that her mom would be looked for when he let slip that "some other girl had reported someone missing to." Ole demanded information and got the name from the Sheriff after a lot of coaxeing. He wouldn't give her an address but she had a phone book in her car. She got through the rest of the meeting and rushed to her car. She looked up the name and got the address. Then drove to the address.

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Amber ((whaaaaaaat??))
((haha used google translate :P Yea to late you shoulda told me you needed a police station!!!))

Blood Bone and Muscle | 1028 comments ((Ah, it's the police. They're a bit late, don't you agree?))

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