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Favorite Character?

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Nolan Keebler Mine is Nick, he goes across Everlost helping afterlights while Ally isn't doing anything to help, but Ally is an awesome character.

Aurora I originally didn't like Nick, because I thought he was a loser. But then he got stuck in the barrel, and changed, so I liked him better. I also like Mikey. Actually, I like all of the characters, save for Mary. And some other characters that show up later in the series, but that I don't want to reveal if you haven't read the book.

Gabby I have to say that I love almost all the characters in this trilogy. The only characters I can't stand are Mary and Speedo. I'm not a big fan of another character that shows later on. But, Mikey is probably one of my favorites.

Aurora There's one in book three that shows up- his name starts with an R, and elevator is my keyword. And then the card player. Those are the two I can't stand.

Michael Loving Ally. Strong, female character.

Aurora Michael wrote: "Ally. Strong, female character."

That is true. Ally is one of the strongest female characters I have ever encountered in books.

Oksana Aurora wrote: "Michael wrote: "Ally. Strong, female character."

That is true. Ally is one of the strongest female characters I have ever encountered in books."

Ally is my fav.too. Amazing strong character,who never gives up.

Natalie i love mary hightower...correction i love to hate her

IanGB MARY! by far! its easy to write a hero, but good villains are so much more fun!

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Ania I think I liked the world of Everlost more than any of the characters, but if I had to chose one, it would be Nick. Agreed with IanGB, that Mary, as a villain is quite spectacular :)

Allie My favorite character was Allie because she does everythhing, I would have done. I hated Mary, but I liked Nick too.

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Jay nick is my favorite character

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Jay What's up everyone Join the Erudite Readers group if you haven't already its an awesome group. If you join please say that I invited you.

Kayla I love Lief, I think he's so adorable! And Shiloh the amazing diving horse! And pretty much everyone else...except for Mary and the Haunter.

Koyasan My favorite character has to be the McGill. But I agree that Allie is a very strong female character. I noticed that Neal Shusterman's female characters are very strong indeed.

Caroline I love Allie she is fiercely loyal to those that befriend her. I like Nick and McGill. I even love the complexity of Mary.

Alyssa I thought Nick was cool because even though he loved Mary, he still stood up to her. Allie was cool too, but I don't know, she's just not my favourite character because she seemed kinda annoying to me.
(I can't wait to read the next books though!)

James In the end I didn't like Mary because of what she had done to all the children she had sheltered. Nick was my favorite because he is very smart like when he twisted everyone in the hanging chamber to get out. He has a very good heart since he got all the kids to "were they were going."

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Robert Rosandić Objectively, Mary is the best one. Easily among the best villains of all time, and criminally underrated. I didn't LIKE her, but she is, objectively, the best one.
My favorite would be Jix. It normally wouldn't work to introduce a new main character in the final installment, but it did in this one. He was smarter than Allie, and a bit darker.
Mikey is the worst. He's meant to be 14, but acts 5, always throws ridiculous temper tantrums, and is the worst monster of all time. He's so incredibly stupid that I hate him more than any of the other easy-to-hate characters, like Mary, Milos and Squirrel.
Milos and Jill would be tied for second, though I feel like Jill should have been brought to justice for inventing the worst crime in the series - reaping. I also liked Johnny O, Zin, Yuk and Moose. Allie was great in the first book, but got boring after Mikey was promoted to a main character. FUck you, Mikey. You dragged the series down so much

Wattt I don't really have a favorite among the main cast, I mean I'm still over here getting depressed about Moose, Squirrel, and of course Milos.

I really like those guys like Choo Choo Charlie, Johnny-O, Speedo, Leif, and Zin the Reaper.
That's partly why I like Everlost, there's so many awesome characters : D
Neal Shusterman is so good at making interesting characters.

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I loved all of the characters but my ultimate favorite is Allie!

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