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Great short clip showing the Iranian youth giving up the practices of Islam, and yearning for freedom, human rights, and true secular democracy.

message 2: by MadgeUK (new)

MadgeUK If the US decide to wage war on Iran, these freedoms won't flourish, any more than it has done in Iraq or Afghanistan or in the other countries where there have been 'uprisings'. Democracy cannot be imposed overnight. It is a slow process, as our own history has shown.

Films such as this were shown about Iraq and led to the US administratioin thinking that Iraq would welcome an invasion, which proved to be far from the truth. Our interst in this region is purely economic and we kid ourselves if we think it is about giving people 'freedom and democracy'.

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I'm extremely concerned that an Iran invasion is in the works by the US government, though if they claim it is to "spread democracy" I can't imagine it will be more than a cover for their true motives.

message 4: by MadgeUK (new)

MadgeUK The world should be concerned Donegal:(:( They will claim to be protecting us and that Iranians want 'democracy'. Maybe some of them do but a large proportion of them will be prepared to settle for Sharia law and the continued oppression of women too. as is happening in the 'new' Egypt. Democracy takes time and cannot be imposed overnight, as we should all know from our own histories. Meanwhile, increased exposure to other ways of living via satellite will do more to educate people than war.

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