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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments

"We're here." Samira finally announced as she rampaged through her bag for the house keys.

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Dayson looked astounded as he followed Samira up the walkway to the house. It looked like a small castle. "Just... you and your brother live here?" He asked incredulously and in awe, indicating the house after spinning in circles, studying the surrounding area.

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Samira smiled. "Yeah, my grandmother left it for us after she passed away. Most of its just covered in dust." she said, unlocking the door and walking in. "It gets kind of creepy at night to."

βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson slipped through the door and smoothly moved to walk by her side. "Maybe I should stay a while and guard you at nights then." He said, smiling at her.

✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments Samira laughed and set her bag down."That's not a bad idea." she said, mischievously. "I'm guessing you wont work for free, huh?" she asked, winking as she lead him into the living room.

βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson nudged her shoulder with his, turning her to face him and put one hand on the wall right beside her head. Leaning in close, he smiled and whispered. "How's your cooking?"

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Samira grinned as she placed her hands on either side of his waist. "I'll let you be the judge of that." she whispered, leaning in closer.

Sam was on his way out when he turned the corner and saw some guy holding his sister against the wall. "What the hell are you doing?" he snarled, making his way towards them.

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Dayson quickly backed up and leaned against the opposite wall in the hallway, shoving his hands in his pockets and crossing his ankles. "Sorry, guess I shouldn't ask about the food again..." He winked at Samira, but turned his head a bit so Sam couldn't see, then looked at Sam. "I'm Dayson. You're Samira's brother? She won't tell me a thing about ya, and I'm curious." He held out his hand with a casual smile.

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Samira grinned, catching Daysons eye.

Samuel smacked Daysons hand away and slammed him against the wall. "Touch her again and I'll kill you." he warned, his eyes flaring a bright blue.

"Stop it!" Samira shouted, pushing her brother away and regretting it a second later when he lost his balance and fell, wincing from his crippled leg.

βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson's eyes widened when he fell. "Whoa, are you okay?" He dropped into a crouch at Sam's feet. "I'm sorry..." He frowned, looking at Samira and Sam, not understanding what was wrong with Sam.

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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments "Hes fine." Samira said, quickly knowning that her brother would hate it even more if she babied him. Of course the concern on her face gave it all away. "Here, take my hand." she said, extending her arm out to him.

Sam glared, his face slightly pink as he gripped Samiras hand and let her pull him up. Once up, he brushed passed Samira and Dayson and out the door without another word.

βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson looked after him. "I think I should leave now." He said quietly. "I'll be back later though." He moved down the hall and went to go out the door. He didn't want to be on the bad side of Sam.

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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments Samira ran after him. "No please don't, hes just a little cranky that's all. Besides, he won't be back for awhile so please stay, okay?" Saimra said, pouting.

βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson looked at her and the left side of his mouth went up in a half smile. "What happened to the girl who beat me on the mountain? It's okay, I just want to talk to him, if that's alright."

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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments Samira playfully punched his arm. "Shes still here." she said, smiling. "And sure.. if you want...just know that hes kind of...rude." she said, her face darkening as she remembered her brothers smiling face. The face she hadn't seen in ages.

βεℓℓα のαωη "Ah! That's nothing. It just means he's human, and worried about you." Dayson patted her shoulder and walked out the door. "See ya later!" He saluted her casually and went off to find where Sam had disappeared to.

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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments Sam punched a near by tree, his knuckles white. "Dammit!" he shouted and slummed to the ground. He hated looking weak like that, especially infront of Samira. His own sister who had to protect him. It shouldnt be like that. he thought angrily, his face buried in his hands.

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βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson came back, thinking back over his conversation with Sam. He had his bow staff in his hands, swinging it back and forth as he walked back to Samira's house. Things were going nicely. This town was much kinder than it had been... Dayson frowned. He didn't remember how long ago it was since he was last at this town. At least he was getting to know people here. Samira and her brother, for one. He stepped up the walkway and up to Samira's door, and tapped on it lightly with his fist.

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✌ Lilee-na ♥ | 170 comments Samira opened the door and raised a brow at Dayson. "Huh?, you're still alive and.." She said, looking him up and down. " in one piece. How?"

βεℓℓα のαωη Dayson looked down at himself in puzzlement. "Was I supposed to chop off one of my arms for you? I... I guess I can come back in five minutes..." He managed to keep his straight face for 2.3 seconds after speaking and broke into a wide grin.

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