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2011 Reads > RPO: Need bigger wrap-up *spoilers*

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Bart Mcendree | 2 comments I found your Ready-Player-One wrap up to be way too short. I heard about this book from your podcast and from other frogpants shows. I grew up in the 80s, played wow since beta, and work as a programmer. This book was a perfect match for me. I signed-up for Audible just to get this audio book.
In your wrap up you covered very few of the discussion points (I-rok, Oasis, Isolation). I found it hard to believe you finished the book because you did not mention:


Extreme obsessions (destructive or beneficial?)

The big red button (When would you hit it?)

Reveal of H as a black woman (surprised? I thought H was Halliday – faked death or ghost in the machine)

Infiltration of 6ers real life corp (unbelievable)

Murder as best way to stop wade & friends

Unbelievable success of wade vs huge group of 6er experts

Stupid bad guys trope

Movie game. why hasn't someone made this?

Robot battle (what could be more epic?)

Concept of real word rewards for virtual excellence (viable career? now? ever?)

Overpowered Artifacts. what is fair?

GM abuse of power

Privacy issues in a virtual world

Homage to:
Movies:war games, monty python, Indiana jones last crusade, lady hawk
Games: Tempest, packman, joust, zork, adventure
D&D: Lich Tomb

Wil Wheaton reading parts of the book that referenced himself. Has this ever happened before for any audiobook?

Kris (kvolk) I think you are officially in charge of the RP1 discussion threads now. Please start some threads on these awesome topics....

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