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Books like this?

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Livija Hi,
Do you anyone know some books like this?
About mind reading,
Some books who have so much adveture like chaos walking.
And Yes, i have read all books from chaos walking.

Please segest good books :)

Tjala wha things did you like about it? because there aren't many with a similar storyline. what is it you enjoyed?? and then ill try and find something.

Livija That adventure and mistery. That u cant knew what will be next.
if u could get so much mistery like in thease books then i dont need it only dystopian.

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Lord Voldemort Livija spell-check your posts.

Tjala il try and think of some...

Paige When I read Chaos Walking, they reminded me a lot of the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. Like Chaos Walking, they are very suspenseful and deals with a twisted society with a secret. They are excellent books and I highly recommend them!

Rindya How about Maze Runner?

Tjala if you like maze runner than have you read the hunger games???

Rindya Birthmarked, it's a good one too

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If you want action and adventure, check out Unwind by Neal Shusterman.

Lindsay Nichols They are a bit longer, but you might like The Ghatti's Tale - Finders-Seekers by Gayle Greeno.

Or if you want to read just one book instead of a series, look at Neverwhere or Thirteen Days to Midnight.

The first and second books are more fantasy, the last one is a bit more like a thriller.

Good luck to you!

Colby I am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1) by Pittacus Lore has lots to do with space and aliens, so you might enjoy that too. I loved it. It's great sci-fi.

Ethan i am number four has a lot of romance in it too though, so if you don't like that don't read it.

Sarah i think maze runner sucked. i read it before all the hype and i had zero interest in reading second book at all. BUT, if any of you want an AMAZING scifi, read GONE by Michael Grant. favorite book of all time. and thats saying alot

Ethan Sarah wrote: "i think maze runner sucked.

no. just no.

Alsjem I love chaos walking series too!

I can recommend Gone by Michael Grant as well.

Have you read any of the time rider books? TimeRiders (TimeRiders, #1) by Alex Scarrow
I thought they were quite good.

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well when i read this it was actually on display at my library, that said "if you liked the hunger games..." (which i didn't), but i got it anyways despite the hunger games reference...which i see almost no way its like the hunger games. future, sure. war, sure. but that's it...

Sarah @ethan: yes, just yes. it was awful.

@alsjem: gone and chaos walking are among my favorites! but no, i havent read time reader. ill look into it!

Anastasia I'd be interested in books similar to this, but from people who didn't like (or at least, didn't LOVE) Hunger Games or I Am Number Four.

My favourite things about the Chaos Walking series was the fantastic characterisation, the strong voice of the main character, the way the 1st person present tense prose had you totally in suspense in the action, understanding what was going on and learning more about the characters without paragraphs of unnecessary description or exposition.

Also, the emotional ride. Dark aspects & deaths are fine, but nothing as nihilistic and "everyone sucks, just give up" as Mockingjay.

I've been looking at Gone and Maze Runner - any other suggestions? None YA is preferred too!

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Lo I'd Recommend Unwind It is definitely dark. Deaths, action, emotions. The sequel just came out,(UnWholly) I haven't read it yet, but I really like the way the author writes and love the characters. It also has the different POV's.

...I'm looking for suggestions too. The Chaos Walking series is just brilliant. I want more like this.

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Rudy Stone blood red road. its got the same writing style and same kinda farm-like town the main lives in.

(but the knife is better by a long shot)

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Rudy wrote: "blood red road. its got the same writing style and same kinda farm-like town the main lives in.

(but the knife is better by a long shot)"

UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHh! I amlost DIED when I first read this!! Hated it at first because I thought it was trying to rip off Chaos Walking which is WAY better, just for everyone's info

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I think Maze Runner is kind of similar. It's not at all the same story line but it has the same feel

Jamila If you liked the Chaos Walking series, then definitely read, "The Chrysalids." It is by John Wyndham. It was written a good couple of years ago, but not in a boring way, and it's set in the future.

How it's like the Chaos walking series:

1. Mind reading
2. Plenty of adventure
3. Lots of cool/ novel/ new/ fascinating/ clever/ awesome/ intriguing ideas
4. Evil preachers!
5. Tons of other ways
6. Running away

It is similar to Chaos walking, but only in some ways, so it won't be like reading a different/ bad version of it. The Chrysalids is a really good book (Not as good as TKoNLG but still pretty good) so if you feel like it, give it a try!

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Trudy wrote: "I think Maze Runner is kind of similar. It's not at all the same story line but it has the same feel"

The Maze Runner and Chaos Walking are my two favourite books EVER. But I can't say they're the same...

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