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Book Exchanges

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Ram | 145 comments Mod
Every time i throw a book it pains me. Therefore I have decided to create this forum whereby books which i have already read and have decided to part with, will be available for other Goodreads members FREE. Of course, this means that only people in my city i.e. Bombay can take advantage of this opportunity and also others who travel to Bombay. Therefore every time a book is available for the Book Exchange, I will make an announcement here. People who are interested in that book may please contact me through Goodreads messages and we can it further from there by co-ordinating the logistics.

I would request members residing in other cities as well to start this program and make similar announcements.

message 2: by Ram (new)

Ram | 145 comments Mod
"A River Ran out of Eden" by James vance Marshall is put up for Book Exchange.

message 3: by Ram (new)

Ram | 145 comments Mod
The World's Greatest Secrets by Alan Hall

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