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message 1: by Sally (new)

Sally | 13 comments Mod
Here are links to the the Five Pillar books lists. Hope these help ya'll out ! Thanks goes out to Shannon for sharing them - I just moved them here to make them easier to find as we grow. :)


Happy Reading !

message 2: by Christa (new)

Christa | 4 comments Just curious, how are there 5 pillars and only 2 levels. What am I missing?

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 2 comments This is from Wikipedia and I think it explains it (I had the same question!):
TJEd parents and educators wanting an introduction to teaching through the classics can receive orientation and training to do so by completing The Five Pillar Certification. The Five Pillars of Statesmanship are: Classics, Mentors, Simulations, Field Experience and God. Certification endorses an individual’s knowledge and ability in the Classics/Mentors approach to teaching leaders by incorporating all Five Pillars into an overall system of education. The 5 Pillar Certification program is divided into three levels to facilitate progress.

Level I is an introduction to the Five Pillars and the Classics/Mentors model of education includes attending a seminar, submitting a form to a facilitator, and reading and discussing the following books: The Chosen, Jane Eyre, The Lonesome Gods, Little Britches, Laddie, The Merchant of Venice, and A Thomas Jefferson Education.

Level II is a comprehensive study of additional classics. It also requires seminar attendance and a reading and one-page summary for 12 of the following books: Pride and Prejudice, "What is Seen and What is Not Seen" from Essays on Political Economy, The One Minute Teacher, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning, Great Expectations, Alas, Babylon, Multiple Intelligences, "The 7 Lesson School Teacher" from Dumbing Us Down, Market-Based Education, How Children Learn, Les Misérables, Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers, The Abolition of Man, Understanding the Times, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Fourth Turning, Walden, and The Virginian.

Level III is considered a practical application of the Five Pillars in an educational setting. One must administrate or teach in a public, private or home school or class and apply the 5 Pillar system for a minimum of six months; keep a journal of the entire project and write a project summary when the project is complete; pass an oral board covering the content of the three levels, as well as the practicum; and attend a seminar.

message 4: by Christa (new)

Christa | 4 comments Whoa!!! I'm all about the books, not so much the homework.... but think it is all pretty cool!

message 5: by Sally (new)

Sally | 13 comments Mod
I think I would love to do actual certification at some point but not right this moment.

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