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To a cousin I have never met,

I have known about you for the past two years, but I have never met you.
I have seen the love you gave to those who you knew, but I have never had that love.
I have seen the way your face would shine in photographs, I could almost hear the sound of your laughter, but I never got the chance to hear it or be a part of that happiness.

There are many of us who never got these chances.
It was a 'hello' and 'goodbye' for most.
You had you're whole life ahead of you and it was lost.

I wish I could have met you.
I wish I could have loved you.
I wish I could have been a part of your wolrd.

I love you and goodbye.


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To my dear uncle,
you have left this world peacefully yet sadness is all around. Just two weeks ago we said goodbye to one of your granddaughters. Today we say goodbye to you.
A wife, two children and four grandchildren will feel the loss of you in their hearts forever.
The strength that these people have is outstanding. I don't know how they do.
Maybe, knowing the love you had for them, is what is keeping them together.

You were a great man.
A generous man.
A dotting husband.
A loving father.
An exceptional grandfather.
You will be forever missed.


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alyssa (a1yssssssa) | 1 comments To my dear You,
I thought we had something in common, it just feels so perfect when I'm with you. For a moment, I could just stop thinking about all my problems, and we could talk and talk and talk forever. It's as though nothing bad ever happened to me.
However, you've made your decisions and I had choosen mine.
I wish you were as happy as you were when you're with me.

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To my Zia Carmella,
You were a fun loving woman, always making people laugh.
Some of the things that came out of your mouth could have made my mother blush, and that rarely happens.
Your time of suffering is now over.
You can be at peace and re-unite with your husband.
Gone but never forgotten.
We love you.


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November Rain (novemberrain29) | 2 comments Dear Dad,

i suppose i should ask why but i'm afraid to hear the answer. what happened to protecting me from bad boys? what happened to bringing me to paris when i turn 16? what happened to staying with mom forever? what happened to watching Jake recover from cancer? what happened to toasting bread with cheese every sunday morning? what happened to teaching Rhys all that he should know? and most importantly, what happened to goodbye? i miss you everyday and i have a hard time going to sleep because of all the time i spend thinking of you. i watch mom and Rhys get worried and stressed from papers dealing with the business. I'm lost and sometimes i wish you would just walk through the door saying you were back from the trip. you would see me crying and you would hug me and i would smell the cigarette smoke and lotion and cologne. i would feel your warm big and rough hands and all of this i hope just happens at 4am every night. i hope your happy because if you're not coming back i just wish you are truly happy from the bottom of your heart.


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