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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
((create characters that are to stay neutral in the prophecy))


Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
name: Kira Rose
wepeon(s): Bows and Arrows
energy: mental energy and elemental energy
elemental: storm(water,ice,lightning,fire,and wind)
rank: fighter
others: Lyra, elite of the light's younger sister. She didn't want to be compared to her sister so she went her way and joined the neutral side, with only one thing in mind; to keep peace between the two sides.

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I am putting Elizabeth here again but changed it around a bit because she is going to be neutral

name: Elizabeth Thorn

rank: healer

gender: female

age: 13

Ability(s): short range, energy powers, defense, and flexibility

Energy: Wind and mental

Specialty(s): (I am just sticking with what i usually do, I really like it! =-) If it doesn't work though let me know and I will change it!) Can control time... can pause, play, rewind and fast forward for up to 3 hours any way. Archery. Move stuff with her mind in a 20 mile radius.
weapon(s): bows and arrows.

Appearance: Blonde hair blue eyed. Slightly tangled hair and freckles on her cheeks. Makes her own clothes and weapons out of the forest.

Others: Been an orphan since as long as she can remember and doesn't know that her parents were two of the most evil creatures out there. When her parents were told that their daughter could only do good (because two negatives equal a positive!), they left her by a river where she grew up with the animals. She is super sweet but has always been shunned so has been a loner.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) name: Seppher Bromeliad
age: 62
gender: Male
wepeon(s): Magic, but if that fails, his staff
energy: He is a powerful magician mercenary. Don't underestimate him because of his age. He controls most energies including poison, water, fire, air, ice, lightning, etc.
elemental: All
mastery: Magic
rank:(hunter,fighter,healer) Mercenary
others: He will join the side of evil or the side of good for the right price... he prefers to work for good, but he has worked for evil before.

Eugenia9 **LS9** | 206 comments Mod
you do know this is for neutral characters right? and the picture kind of creeps me out, sorry.

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) He is neutral... he's a mercenary for both sides and of course the picture is creepy. If he was a pretty old man, the evils wouldn't take him seriously.

message 7: by Terra (new)

Terra That's pretty cool. :)

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) name: Swift Darkness
age: 16
gender: Female
Appearance: wait
[image error]
energy: She Can tell when someone's about to die, ut not always stop it. Cause people pain, but it causes half that amount to her. Summon spirits for up to two hours, but it leaves her weak.
elemental: Death?
mastery: What?
rank: Loner
other: Her mother was from teh dark side and her father is unknown. She was raised by gypsies. Always wears her sunglasses.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) *Updated Swift Darkness*

message 10: by Apollinaria Fowl (new)

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) *Updated Swift Darkness*

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Miraclelight903 | 2 comments name: Camellia Gale
age: 14
gender: female
wepeon(s): archery
energy: healing and elemental
elemental: wind and nature
mastery: archery
others: she's shy, but if you get her mad, watch out, because she's a straight on and strong fighter.

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name:Fara Summers
weapon(s):Long sword
elemental:Fire and water
mastery:Long sword
others:Her sword is her power.With her sword she can use water and fire as weapons.Her parents were on the dark side and left her as a child.They wanted her to grow up and be dark with them but saw as an infant that she might not pick them.Because of this they left her in the woods to fend for herself.They only left her with her long sword which she never leaves behind.

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