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message 1: by Yuman (new)

Yuman (yumnaep) Jesus is supposed to be Son of God, God is supposed to be Deity, and Holy Spirit is supposed to be the Deity on Earth..

i know that if i'm wrong, then it is close to something like that. This makes up 'Trinity'

message 2: by Yuman (new)

Yuman (yumnaep) I don't think the religion makes sense for five or ten different reasons.

message 3: by Yuman (new)

Yuman (yumnaep) Some are very obvious.

message 4: by Shahrukh (new)

Shahrukh | 33 comments ASSALAAM U ALAYKUM

Remember brothers and sisters that it is stated in quran that the holy Quran is the only book which is safe with Allah the Almighty. And every other book sent by Allah including the injeel (bible) and Torah (the Jewish book)were altered and updated as per comfort by there followers ,and The holy quran is the only book which Allah the Almighty safely Took it up and has Promised Its safety Himself.

message 5: by Shahrukh (new)

Shahrukh | 33 comments So ultimately there correctness cannot be Guaranteed only the parts matching the Holy Quran can be stated correct by us. and this one is very strict

Only Allah the Almighy knows the right ,he is the all Knower . And this topic beyond this is useless.

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