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Magpie67 | 617 comments Mod
For this challenge we are going to go back to school. You can pick 8 subjects and 2 electives. There are 13 choices to choose from. If you feel you cannot complete all 10, you can decide the number of subjects you are comfortable with. Please feel free to use artistic license while you are deciding what books to put into each category.

Anatomy - read a book that mentions a part of the body or contains the word "body" in the title.
Example: Body Double, Eyes Wide Open

Art - read a book that has something to do with art, i.e., painting, sculpting, paper crafts, photography, etc. or, alternatively that contains the word "art" in the title.
Example: The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Carousel Painter

Astronomy - read a book that mentions a celestial body (moon, star, etc.) either in the title of the book or on the cover of it.
Example: The Almost Moon, The World According to Garp

Botany - read a book that either mentions in the title or, has one of the following items on the cover: a plant, tree, flower, herb, bush, grass, vine, fern, etc. or has one of these items on the cover.
Example: The Poison Tree, Falling Home

Economics - read a book that contains a financial term (credit, debt, return, earn, worth, etc.) in the title.
Example: The Color of Money, Two Dollar Bill

English Literature - read a book that is considered a classic.
Example: Gone With the Wind, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Extracurricular Activities - read a book that involves a sport, some kind of music, an instrument, skiing, chess; any type of extracurricular activity that you would have participated in while attending grammar school, high school or college.
Example: Sing You Home, Learning to Swim: A Novel

Geology - read a book with a natural feature or formation in the title or on the cover, such as a lake, mountain, river, etc.
Example: The Lake of Dreams, The Mountain Between Us

Geography - read a book that takes place outside of the United States or Canada.
Example: Mornings in Jenin, Shopaholic and Sister

History - read either a history or a historical fiction book.
Example: The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl, The Other Boleyn Girl

Language Arts - read a book that has a pronoun in the title.
Example: She's Come Undone, We Were the Mulvaneys

Math - read a book that contains a number in the title.
Example: 18 Seconds: A Novel, Land of a Hundred Wonders

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Ginger | 450 comments This sounds interesting, but hard!! Hmmm.....no wonder I didn't like school except for Reading...LOL. I may give this a try.

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