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Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Ummm... ideas.......))

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((I'm just going to write a base, then we can work from there. How's that for a plan?=]))

Bridie walked through the park, whistling. She sat down at a bench, took out her drawing materials, and began sketching what she saw around her. The mother and young daughter duo, the little girl with ice cream in hand. The trees waving gleefully to those who passed below them.

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Elizabeth tossed and turned within her nightmare. The evil creatures reached their hands out to grab her when... She sat straight up and looked wildly around. Good, she was still at the park. The mother and daughter were giving her a strange look though and there was a new girl drawing. Elizabeth shrugged and settled back down.

Glinda the Gallifreyan Bridie looked around, considering people as a new subject. Seeing a girl behind her, she asked politely, "Do you mind if I draw your picture?"

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"Um, ok." she replied as she sat a little straighter and lifted her chin a little higher.

Glinda the Gallifreyan "No need to pose." Bridie laughed. As her hand began to skillfully fill her page with light and shadow, she said, "I'm Bridie. You can call me Birdie if it pleases you. What's your name?" She peered up curiosly as her hand continued to flash across the paper.

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((hehe I like being mysterious!))

"Good." She replied as she went back to slouching. "My name for you is Tree. I haven't seen you before, do you come often?"

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Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Goodie for being mysterious!!))

"Often enough." Bridie shrugged. "It depends what I feel like drawing." She looked down at her paper, brow furrowed slightly as she shaded a couple facial features in. "Why is Tree your name for me?"

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She sat up and stretched lazily while replying, "Because that is the name I want you to know, that is why!" with a wink.

Glinda the Gallifreyan "Alright, whatever you want!" Bridie laughed, and winked back. "Would you like this in color, or no?"

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"It's your picture." Tree replied with a shrug, "I have to go soon anyways."

Glinda the Gallifreyan "Why do you have to go? And I was only asking in case you wanted to take it with you." Rachel looked up inquisitively, hand still now.

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Hayley? Shall I make some impromptu 'disruption' to liven things up in here?))

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((Yes please! what will it be?))

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((I'm not sure. I;ll think about it. But I know it's be impromptu! =D))

Glinda the Gallifreyan Bridie noticed how the light seemed to be fading from the sky, then, out of the blue, a crash of thunder came and a sudden downpour of rain came smashing down. Bridie quickly put her materials in her bag, then spread out her arms, face upward, a wide smile on her face as she began laughing widly. She had always been one to dance in the rain, so that's exactly what she did, now that it was pouring.

((Only thing I could think of. =]))

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Hayley?))

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((Sorry! I didn't know you posted! =-) tee hee, I am reading about alien run ins right now!))

Tree stared rocking and whispering strange words as the sky lit up again but this time... It was a space ship the lit the night!

Glinda the Gallifreyan ((Coolio! =] I'm laughing so hard at your post... and I just happen to be listening to a musical soundtrack about carnivorous plants from outer space with a taste for human blood and flesh! Aliens, aliens... gotta love 'em, right? =]))

Bridie stopped dancing as a beam of bright light nearly blinded her. Seeing that Tree was saying something up to the sky, she asked over the sound of pounding rain and a mysterious hum, "What're you saying, Tree?"

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