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Sharon Delarose | 14 comments Known as "the strange girl who lives down the street" by the father of a high school friend, I've chosen a writing path that is difficult to define. The first two books are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Bad Dog to Best Friend - Kindle $2.99 is the story of a shelter dog we adopted. She came to us godawful and it took some doing but we turned her around and now she's awesome. From chewing, peeing all over the house, and the attitude of a streetwise teenager, her book takes you through our first year with her. The techniques we used to transform her are included in detail, along with a variety of just-for-fun dog stories. One reviewer compared my writing style to Walt Disney, stating that the book entertained with the hopes of educating rather than educated with the hopes of entertaining. I like that!

Training Your Dog to be Home Alone - Kindle $.99 is a three chapter excerpt from Bad Dog to Best Friend. Personally, I think you get a LOT more from the full version, but the excerpt is cheaper and sometimes cheap sells. The three chapters cover potty training a problem pee-er, dog chewing, and weaning your dog from a crate. While this sounds like it covers the biggies, the full version gives you a much better leg up on fixing a problem dog. Success with your dog is sometimes in the subtler aspects of dog training. Note that I am NOT a dog trainer, I am simply a person who adopted an awful dog and had to learn dog training techniques to turn her around, as the alternative was to give her up knowing that her ultimate fate would likely have been a death chamber. Today she is a success story.

Yankee Go Home - Kindle $.99 is the mostly true story of a Yankee girl in the South during the 1970s and 1980s. It's full of dirty old men, Southern super bugs, and one of the highlights is another bad dog in the chapter "Booger Dawg Rises Again." You won't find a book full of humorous one-liners about the South. This story is the real deal - the Deep South as only a Yankee could experience it. All of the stories are true stories - fictional only by changing names, locations, and sometimes even genders. Two characters are actually composites of multiple people. The dialog, however, is nearly verbatim, even in the Ku Klux Klan chapter. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Bad Dog to Best Friend - Paperback $14.95
Bad Dog to Best Friend - Kindle $2.99
Training Your Dog to be Home Alone - Kindle $.99
Yankee Go Home - Kindle $.99 Paperback version coming soon.

In the hands of my editor is an astrophysical mystery. The only dog in it belongs to Isaac Newton and gets a one-line mention. I'm not sure anyone has ever coined the phrase "astrophysical mystery" and when I mention it, I get a lot of scrunched up faces saying, "Huh?" Simply put, you could classify it as either a mystery or an astrophysical book. Like someone who writes historical romances or sci fi westerns, it spans multiple genres.

On the farther horizon are two more dog books, a children's book, a coffee table book, and ideas for a variety of others which may include UFOs. Hard to predict which way the words will flow next. Hippies are another possibility, as are a happiness book and a book on estate issues. So you can see the difficulty in finding a pigeonhole for this writer. All of my books have Look Inside enabled so you can get a good dose before you pull the trigger.

Sharon Delarose

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Sharon Delarose | 14 comments The paperback version of Yankee Go Home is expected to go live next week. The proof arrived yesterday and I found a blooper on the cover, and a blooper in the storyline, so I did not approve the proof. I am awaiting a new proof with the changes.

Can you find the blooper on the cover in the Kindle version? Click on Look Inside to see the cover up close and personal. Hint: It's got nothing to do with words.

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Sharon Delarose | 14 comments Paperback Book giveaway: Enter the giveaway for a copy of Yankee Go Home. Giveaway ends on November 30, 2011 and three copies will be given away.

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