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2nd Building: Dorms > Bridget, Simone and Alvina's Dorm {Wolfgirl, Chiara and Ashby}

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((:D And they also have a bathroom and living room. :) ))




Look good to you?

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Alvina walked into the dorm and threw her things onto her bed and flopped down next to them. "Where is Bridget?" she wondered, getting bored.

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Bridget walked into the dorm,not noticing Alvina.

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Alvina heard a soft noise and looked up to see Bridget. "BRIDGET!!" she yelled eagerly.

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Bridget looked up to Alvina"hey Al"She said with a grin.Sitting on her bed after grabbing a glass of water.

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"Where've you been?" Alvina asked. "I haven't seen in forever. How's Wil doing?" she winked slightly.

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"he's good and FYI I wasn't with him the whole time"Alvina said with a smirk.Bridget smiled"I just walked around"She said.

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