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 Faith Noelle Smith This is my writings so far. Like, give comments Have fun! :)

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 Faith Noelle Smith I am working on it.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Murderer (Give it a chance)

I am running away from him. I don’t dare look back. I am the survivor, and he is my enemy. I am Kelly Jenson I am fourteen. I am running away from the murderer that killed my mother.
She was only thirty-two, too young to die. I have no other family now, just me; I know I can’t stop running. I know that if I do he will kill me too. He kills out of fear and my mother taught me to never show a killer fear, mask it. That’s how you will escape.
I don’t know where to go; I just know that if I keep running I will be safe. I finally take a rest at the end of a hollow tree. I hear the crackling of leaves under the shoes of the murder so I am bolting through the forest. Now is the time to mask me fear because he are getting very close. I fell the tears rolling down my cheek I know now is not the time so I wipe then away quickly. I hear the words in my head, “mask your fear and you will be safe” over and over. I hear a wisp of wind from the bullet that just flew past my right shoulder. Now I know he is armed and closer than ever. I start sprinting now though the forest I feel my heart pounding out of my chest but all I can do is not ever look back and keep running. Braches and thorns are cutting every part of my body but I can’t worry about that now. Just to mask my fear and run.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Screaming

Down below me you can hear my parents fighting again. As usually my dad comes home dunk. My mom is yelling at him the only thing you can here over her loud screams is the shatter of glass plate hitting the window. My dad’s yelling back at her this usually goes on for hours at a time and the only thing I can do is stay out of it. I want to go down there and say if you guys really loved me you wouldn’t fight for once!! Instead I craw under my covers and try to get some rest I have school tomorrow. The next day comes and goes all I do is come home to either my mom yelling or my dad sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand. Are family never talk only argues or if we do talk it’s me saying hi how was your day with no response form my parents.
My name is Emma West and I am 13 years old I live here Manhattan, New York with my mom Julie and my dad Mark and my 1 year old beagle mix scruffy. It’s raining now but my parent don’t care all they want to do is argue.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Need title
Ok well I am sorry to say but now is the time and I hafe to tell my parents I am ahead out on my own I am not sure how its gonig to go..

"Mom. dad. I hafe to tell you something sit down..... I am gonig to go out on my own I love you guys so much but its my time I'm leaving tommrow I hope you understand." I say then wait. The day comes and I am off I have the freedom I want but I fell like something not right. Then at 3:00pm I get a call my dads been in a accident. When I anwser my mom is sobing, "honey come home right now!" so in tht spilt second I am back on a plane flying back home. My mom says to meet at mercy hospital I arive there and my dad dosent look in good condistion. I ask the docter is he gonig to make it.. he says he dosent know. I walk over to my dads bed side. DAD! DAD! I scream please dont leave me!! BY then the docter has left and me and my mom are left alone with my dad. "Mom how did this happen?" I ask. "I dont know he left at 12:00 to go to the store the an 2 hours later I get a call that hes been in a accident." thats when I called you. Now all we can do is wait. Nureses would walk in the room ever once and a while to cheeck he vidle and things but they dont say a word to us. Its now 8:00pm and the docter says we need to leave and lets dad get some rest then the docter walks out of the room. My mom and I grabe are things and on the way out I kiss my dad I love you I say then leave my mom dose the same. On the drive home theres silence the only nosie you here is the soft monter. Then I speak up, "Mom I say are you ok?" She anwsers in and little bit of an angery tone, "NO dear i am fine" Right then I new something was up. When we get home I run up to my bed room sit there on my old bed holding a pictrue of my dad crying. Then i whisper under my breath plesase! plesase! just make it though the night. Then I lay I the pictrue down and try to fall asleep. The next day is here and insted of beging in school right now I am at the hospital sitting there waiting for my dad to move blink or something but so far nothing. I hear a knock at the door its the docter hes says, "I am sorry but we work on your dad all night and..." NO! NO! dont say it my mom yells! "Hes dead isnt he?" I say already starting to sob. "Yes I am very sorry" the docter says then leaves. "Mom are you ok?" "Shut up! leave now." she yells but I was.. LEAVE she yells again I walk out. I sit there outside of the door sobing then my mom comes out says, "honey I am sooo sorry come back in I just needed time." Dont worry I get it I say with a smile. Now what well I guess we need to arrenge a funrol for him she my mom says. Mom do you need a hug I ask? Oh come here she squezzs her so tight but she dosent mine. Come on lets go home honey we have work to do. on my way out of his room when my moms not there I lay the pictrue of him and I on his chest then I whisper I love you and thanks for loving me and then walk thought to the car still sobbing.
((Who likes? lol))

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 Faith Noelle Smith Part 1
I lay in my bed not knowing what to do next.Not knowwing where to go who to trun to. I just got the worst news of my life, my borther and mother have been killed in Iraq. No dad he died when I was 8 years old. I am 16 years old now no family no one to talk to, to cry with. As I lay in my bed tears coming out of my eyes in buckets I think now what?

I am Amber Leag, I am sixteem my mom and borther have just been killed by a bomb in Iraq. I have no one left no family, no place to go. I lay in my bed looking up thinking, I cant do this I cant live here I cant go on I must die and do it soon.

I lay awake all night thinking of my now dead family and how I should kill my self the next day. I have school tomrrow so it must be after that. Then I will find a place where I was most happiest and kill my self there. The next day I walk into school on ones talks to me only the teachers asking little to no questions at all. I take vrey littel notes do vrey little at all today cause I know what I must do after words. However, I do go to my best friend for 14 years Mady. She has herd what has happend to me and is willing to do anything for me now but I dont accepet. I dont know if I should tell her my plans about latter or not afraid she will try to stop me. Its now the end of the day I dont take I ride home with Mady I dont take the bus I just walk the 5 miles walk home.

When I get home I throw my stuff onto the ground not caring where it lands. I run up to my room and lock the door. I grab my computer and trun it on and go to my Facebook page. I am posting the last video be I die. I upload the video close my laptop and go to the bathroom and lock the dorr this will be the last thing I touch before I die. I open the medicen cabint and grab I bottle of pills not caring what they are.

Part 2

I walk up to the door and un lock it. My dog Cowgril comes to meet me. "Mom I am home" I say. "Hi! Mady how was your day? my mother asks. "Fine" I reply . I grab my laptop and go to my facebook page. I see that Amber has posted a knew video. Probley something dumb but funny at the same time I think to my self. I click it. I am horafid at what she is saying tears are runnig down my face. I shut the computer grab my keys and run to the car not giving my mom any time to react.

When I get to Amber's house I bang on the door as hard has i can. No anwser. I run to the back door its open. I run in side. "Amber! Amber!" I call no anwser. I am now crying and runnig up the staris. I look in her room. Shes not there. I see the bathroom door is shut. "No!" I cry this cant be true. I push on the door and am able to get it open. There I see Amber. On the floor passed out I scream "AMBER!!!" till my lugs hurt. I dail 911. 911 whats your emrecy?
My friend she dead! Theres a bottle of pill on the floor I dont know how many she took or what she took they are just laying there. HELP! I scream into the phone.
"Miss, I need you to clam down. Where are you now?" The lady on the other line says. "499 roserunner dr."(not a real adress) "Hurry!" I yell.
Miss there is an amblance on the way saty right there. They get here in less then 5 min. "I am in here!" I yell. They run in with a gurney and some other tools. I am pushed out of they way but stay right they holding her hand hoping she not dead. The medics are saying something but I dont care to lisen. "We need to get her to the hospital NOW!" one says to the other. They lift it up and carry her to the amblence. "Miss is there any family we can call?" I finally notice they are talking to me. "No they all are dead. I ssy. "I can come. I say hoping they will let me. "Fine." they say. I get in stilll holding Ambers hand.

We arrive at the hospital and theres a whole team of docters and nurses waiting to take her way. To try to save her life. The docters are asking me all these questions like what typ of pills are they? Where did she get them?
I dont know I keep saying I just found her on the floor passed out. "Just SAVE HER!" I scream. When I awake I am in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm. "W-what happend I ask?" "You passed of one of the nurses said. "Wheres, wheres Amber?" I try to get up but shes stops me. "Where is she I demanded!" "She is in sugery right now." Says the nurse.

( *Note: I am not some mentaly carzy person this was just the insperation I got from the song I herd today.*

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 Faith Noelle Smith Past
You broke me. I cant fix this and you cant also. What you did to me was unfair and un forgiving JAcob you know whats right and whats worng so why did you scew up my life just to make your parents happy? For all of you who are reading this and dont know what I am talknig but just keep reading.

My life was just fine untill that day when I got my heart broken for the frist time in my life. I was only 12 years old and it wasnt even fair. I never did anything worng I tried to do anything in my power to fix this but nothing works.
Jacob Maher,
I dont think you know how much you hurt me that day. When you said you lied about everything and just did all this so you wouldnt hurt me. The question is why? We were best friends before this and now its down the drain. Why? JAcob why would you go and make something worse when it was just fine? I know your going to say no it wad you and Brady. No it wasnt! I told Brady cause I thought he could keep domething to himself but I get it now I was worng, when he told your dad you did nothing to stop it nothing at all and in the mena time I ened up pushing Brady down the hill. After that everything was never the same. You become distine and un forgiving. You told me you loved me that one night but did you really mean it? Jacob I love you that wont change but what you did to me should be something your happy about or something you forget you broke me into a million perices. And I can never forgive you fo that. You kissed me then lied you told me you loved me on the day before hallaween but can I really belive you love me? After all you did? Everytihng is soo messed up and its not cause or me its YOU! You made me into someone I dont want to be but I cant change that now I have already lost everyone I loved over this. My best friend, you, my familys and your trust in us together. Everything that could have happend to me did. I am not saying that I can forgive even though its been a long tim but it doesnt mean I dont have felling for you.

All the people that are sstill around me know that this that happen really wasnt my fault and they stood by me and still are today but you JAcob I dont know where we stand. When I see you I will always light up like a chirstmas tree but I dont know if being together will ever happen again. I guess everytihng was for the best up I cant get over the way you imbrace me on the night before hallaween and told me you loved me but was that a lie too? Can I trust you again? I DONT KNOW?! Jacob one thing is true that I can not ever forget what you did to me. Lieing to me to make your parents happpy? What about me? Well i guess I dont matter to you. Cause if i did none of this would have happended dont you think?

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 Faith Noelle Smith Wich one?

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 Faith Noelle Smith Yeah,I poste fast.Okay cool! Hope you like them, give your coments.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Yeah I do it just what I perfur kinda like a drama twist. Or about my life aka "past" cuase,they were solider's off fighting in the war and well she is 16, Anything eles? Any story suggetions?

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 Faith Noelle Smith Yeah,it was a weird life.

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 Faith Noelle Smith Yeah,I write intencely

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