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Meganpatterson | 8 comments The Magic Tree House; Eve of the Emperor Penguin
Written by: Mary Pope Osborne

In this story a brother and sister named Jack and Annie travel in their magic tree house to Antarctica. The mission of their journey is to find another secret of happiness. When they land in Antarctica they are in winter gear. They find themselves with a group of journalists and reporters. They receive a rhyme that will give them direction on how to proceed along their journey. During their travels they ride a bus up the mountain to try to find the burning mountain and the ancient crown. While traveling up the mountain they get discovered as kids and not reporters and have to wait at the camp site. While waiting to get taken back down the mountain they sneak out and have many exciting adventures. They end up finding the ancient grown where they found the secret of happiness, which end up being a baby emperor penguin.
If you use this book at a younger age, you can use it as a read aloud. However if your students are 2nd grade and older they should be able to read it by themselves. In kindergarten we due a unit on Penguins and I read this story during that unit. If you taught older grades you can read this and then have the children do writing about what they think their secret to happiness would be. You can also talk about Antarctica and their weather and branch off from there.

Days with Frog and Toad
by: Arnold Fabel
This book contains 5 short stories, in which the two main characters, Frog and Toad, go thru funny experiences that young students can relate to. The 2 characters are best friends and that friend ship is evident in all the stories. In “Tomorrow”, Frog helped Toad get out of the dumps. In “The Kite”, they fly a kite and in “Shivers” they share a scary story. It’s Toad’s birthday in “The Hat” and they spend the day together. The last story “Alone”, found the 2 friends sitting alone, together.
This is a good story of friendship and could be used to generate discussions and writing about what are friends and things to do with friends. This would be a book that could be used grades 2-5.

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