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Meganpatterson | 8 comments The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
By: Mark Twain, Re-told by: M.C. Hall

This story is about a little boy with a very vivid imagination. He lives by the Mississippi river with his aunt and step brother. Tom is a mischievous boy who seems to always find trouble. Tom soon becomes friends with a Huckleberry Fin and the two of them witness a murder. These two boys decide to run away and not tell anyone what they saw. Eventually they come back home after they realize they have caused quit a commotion. That started off their summer(s) of mischief and excitement.
I wouldn’t be able to use this book within my grade level, but thought it was very interesting that they had this book as a graphic novel. I think it would be a great way to intoduce these types of stories to young readers. Also, if older grades are using it in groups, students who have trouble reading or are slow readers could use this book instead of reading the traditional story. I think graphic novels can be very helpful in all grade levels.

Spider-Man; the Enforcers!
This is a graphic story about Spiderman. It starts off with a robbery at the Midtown Diamond Exchange. Throughout the middle of the story Peter/Spiderman talks with his friend who is very concerned about her brother. Spiderman decides to watch over the brother and catches him stealing. While watching him he stumbles on another robbery, which continues to happen over the next few days. Spiderman finally is able to stop the robbers and save the town from them. However, his friend has not heard from her brother and is extremely worried.
This is not a book that I would use in my classroom, nor do I see another teacher being able to create a lesson of this. This would have to be a book that was put in a classroom library for pleasure reading.

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