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Meganpatterson | 8 comments The First Thanksgiving
This story tells the journey of the Pilgrims coming to America. The story starts off telling the reader why the pilgrims left England and what date it was on. It goes on to talk about their journey on the Mayflower. It continues to tell their story of when they found land and what they went through, there hard winter, their building of houses, and making food. It continues to describe their meeting and interaction with the Indians. It describes their activities that let up to the first thanks giving and happens on those three days.
I would recommend using this book for early elementary. You can use this story during this thanksgiving unit. This can be used as an informational book. After reading this story you can discuss the information that the kids learned and have them write a certain number of facts about the story. You could also create a class KWL chart and then read this and add to the chart.

Sarah Morton’s Day, a Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl
by: Kate Waters
This book is an information text on the life of a girl who was 9 in the year 1627. She was mentioned in many journals and histories of that time. It gives factual information of the life of a little girl during that time period. It’s filled with photographs taken at Plymouth Plantation which is an outdoor living museum of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The museum depicts the life of Pilgrims during the 17th century.
This would be a good book to read during a Thanksgiving unit, to enhance students understanding the life of Pilgrims during the 17th Century. This book could be a read-a-loud for grades K-2, any grade older would be able to read themselves.

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