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Meganpatterson | 8 comments The Hundred Dresses
By: Eleanor Estes & Louis Slobodkin
This book is a Newbery Honor Award winner that teaches a lesson on kindness and bullying which is such an issue in today’s world. The story’s main Character, Wanda Petronski, is a Polish-American girl from poor family. She is teased at school by her classmates for being different, but there are two girls in particular who harass her more. Wanda says she has 100 dresses but wears the same faded blue dress to school every day. She leaves suddenly and the teacher and classmates find 100 beautifully drawn dresses at her house after she left.
This book teaches a lesson on how hurtful people can be to each other and how easily a person can get caught up in taunting. Unfortunately many students can identify with the characters in the book. You could use this book from 2nd grade to probably 5th or 6th.

By: Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann
This is a follow up to the story Pinkalicious. It is about a young girl who loves the color pink and has everything pink and dresses in pink. The other girls at her school decide that pink is no longer in and the black is the new color. Pinkalicious is teased a lot for noting liking the color that is popular. She starts to doubt herself and change to fit in with the crowd. At the end of the story she meets another little girl who likes pink also and they both find that they like the color purple to.
This book also deals with bullying, which is a big problem these days. I could see something this catty happening at our school in the older grades. I could use this story to address bullying and how it makes people feel or if I would do a unit on feelings. This book would be more appropriate for Kindergarten maybe first, but could also be used in older grades to address the issue also.

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