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Meganpatterson | 8 comments The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Written by: Eugene Trivizas Illistrated by: Helen Oxenburty
This is story starts off with three little wolves leaving their mother’s house to live on their own. They first run into a kangaroo who gives them some bricks to build their house. After they built it they were playing in the year and the big bad pig comes along and scares them into their house. They pig huffs and puffs but could not blow their house down. So he goes and gets a sledge hammer and knocks the house down, luckily thought he pigs escapes. This continues three other times. They build their next few houses out of cement, pad locks, plexi glass, barbwire, and several other strong materials. Each time the pig failed to blow the house down so he had to go out and get a different tool to help him out. They finally built a house of flowers which ended up turning the pig into a nice pig and they played happily ever after.
You can read this story along with The Three Little Pigs and talk about the similarities and differences. If your children are younger you may only be able to talk about it, as they get older they can draw pictures to show this and add writing. You could also have them create a building plan of the materials they would use to create a house that couldn’t be blown down. When they are done with their plan they can build it with construction paper or draw it. Here you could also do a readers theater with older kids.

The Three Little Pigs
Written by: Heather Amery Illistrated by: Stephen Cartwright
This is a story of three little pigs that need to move out of their mom’s house and start their own journey in life. Each pig leaves and decides that they need to build a house. Each pig picks a different material to build their house with. After they build their house the big bad wolf comes along hungry and ready to eat. There is a brief conversation that transpires between the pig and the wolf. Then the wolf ends up blowing down the pig’s houses and a few attempts and eats the pigs. He eats the first and second pig who built their house out of weak materials. He moves onto the third pig and is unable to blow his house down. After multiple attempts to get to the pig, the pig finally plays a trick on him and the wolf ends up climbing down the chimney and getting eaten.
I recommend reading this book to students in grades K-1. You could use this book if you are doing a unit on Fairy Tales. This is also a great story to use for sequencing. There are three clear sections to this story. You can also talk about fiction and non-fiction. When I taught first grade I used this book for the students to perform a reader’s theater. This is such classic that you can pull many lessons from this story.

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