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Meganpatterson | 8 comments Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Written by: Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault
This is an alphabet picture story. The story starts off with the lower case letters racing and chasing each other up a coconut tree. They go up this tree in alphabetical order. As more letters go up the tree you can see visually see the tree start to lean. Once all the letters are in the tree the trees bend down so far that all the lower case letters fall down. Then all the upper case letters who are supposed to be mamas, papas, uncles, and aunts all came running. Then all the lowercase letters are asking for help and tangled up with each other. Then the sun goes down on the alphabets day and they are supposed to go to bed, however a sneaks out and is ready to climb the tree again.
You can read the story whenever you are introducing the letters. After reading this story you can talk about alphabetical order and review sounds. You can also have the students create their own coconut tree and reenact the story. They could glue the letters in alphabetical order. You could also have the students cut out the letters in their names and have them clue them in the tree.

Goodnight Moon
By: Margaret Wise Brown
This is a rhyming story about items seen in a room. It starts off listing items that are found in a great room. The two items found on each page rhyme. After it goes through the items in the room it then starts saying good night to all the items. You could use this story to work on rhyming with your class. You could let your students fill in the blank as you are reading. You could show them the first page and have them told you objects in the room that rhyme. You could also carry it a step farther and create a class book with rhyming word.

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