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Jennie Peck | 20 comments Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola
This book is Hillarious. Strega Nona has a magic pasta pot that she warns Big Anthony not to touch, of course he does not listen. He uses the pot without permission, and past ends up everywhere!

This is a great book for teaching following directions, and consequences for your actions. Students could discuss classroom do's and dont's and the consequences or problems that could be caused if they do not follow them.

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments The Rough Faced Girl by Rafe Martin

This is a Native American Cinderella story. It puts a lot of emphasis on the good in people's hearts. The rough faced girl who has been burned by the fire because her evil sisters force her to keep it burining as a chore marries the "invisible being" when she is the only girl who can "see" him.

This book is great for a social story about appearances. It is clear in the story that appearance gets you nothing, and the good in your heart is what makes you beautiful. My students thought this book looked scary, but after reading it they loved it!

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