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camelot on the whole

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Caroline is camelot even really real? i wish it was. i mean all the evilness is creepy, but the whole story intregues me like few other things.

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Old-Barbarossa The Arthurian stories seem to have their root in tales from what is now Britian that started to be told around (or possibly before) the year 600 in a language that is similar to what is now Welsh...the Dark Ages were a wee bit complicated.
As with all good stories the tale grew with the telling with bits being added by Anglosaxons and Normans and pretty much anyone that heard it.
Camelot may be based on one of a number of old hill forts that claim Arthur used it, no one knows at the minute.
Morgan Le Fay seems to be "inspired by" an Irish war Goddess called the Morrigan, the Le Fay bit seems to mean "the faerie". Fairies weren't always thought of as harmless wee things but terrifying spirits.
If this is your first dip into the Arthur stories then sit back and enjoy...there's plenty more out there, some good some bad. Try TH White's "Once And Future King" or MZ Bradley's "Mists Of Avalon". The portrayals of all the characters tend to differ in each one whether Malory or Mabinogion, but the core story tends to be the same. Enjoy.

Tamara Grantham The writing in this book was beautiful. I will reread it just to enjoy the prose. However, the story was well-told, and I love that it was from Morgan's pov. She was an interesting, heart-breaking character. I think everyone knows the end to this tale, which, to me, made it a more interesting read. I also read I am Mordred. Of the two, this is my favorite, though I thoroughly enjoyed both, and will not hesitate to recommend either one.

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