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Jennie Peck | 20 comments The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

I have read many of Jan Brett's books, but this is the first time on this one. It is really cute, and the reader has to use some reasoning skills to figure out what happened to the gingerbread baby at the end

This book became a springboard for many other lessons in my classroom, including building our own gingerbread houses. My students are thinking of ideas for their own gingerbread thematic unit!

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments The gingerbread man by Jim Aylesworth

This book took on new meaning after reading the gingerbread baby. They are not the same, The story is more traditional, and the gingerbread boy runs from all the animals. I love the repetitive text.

I will use this book as a link to a shared writing activity, Each student will finish the sentence I ran from a ________. We will read the chart together to reinforce the sight word recognition of the words in the sentence. Then the students get to take the sentence home.

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Ernst

This book is about the Gingerbread boy's younger sister, also baked by a little old woman and a little old man.

I found this book when looking for different versions of the gingerbread man for my gingerbread unit. The girls in my class liked this one a lot. They were bothered that the other two stories we read were boys, so it fit perfectly. They will be decorating their gingerbread "people" like this.

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray

This book is so funny. I am addicted to the gingerbread man. He thinks he got lost from his class and is running through the school trying to find them and loses a toe in the process. He does finally find them at the end not the typical gingerbread story,.

We are going to use this book along with some of the others we have read and collect data and make a graph about which book we enjoyed the most. The students will write sentences about the data they collected. I think this one might be a favorite.

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments Library Gingerbread Man by Dotti Enderle

This book is about a gingerbread boy that escapes from a book in the library. He runs from various characters in the different parts of the library. The Librarian finally saves him and shuts him back in the book.

This is a great book to use for teaching children about the parts/organization of the library.

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments The Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup

Yet another Gingerbread book.. I had no idea there were so many. There are multiple men in this book and they are about to be fed to Santa Claus. They escape yet again, and become pirates on a little ship that becomes the little boys gift.

This is another good book to use to compare and contrast versions of the story, and I think after reading this many Gingerbread books, students may find it fun to write their own version of the gingerbread man!

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