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message 1: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Ok, we're going to go ahead and try again to read another book together. This time I want it to be something from the group bookshelves, preferably something map-related. I know December can be busy for some folks, so consider you might not want to nominate a huge book.

Also, please don't nominate Ken Jenning's book Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks as we're going to discuss that next year.

message 2: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 152 comments Why can't we read it now? Also, please keep in mind that some people can't buy every book for a group read, so they need to either get it from their library or find some other way to borrow it or get a cheap copy. And that often takes time, especially if it's a new or old book. A couple of the groups I belong to choose their books two months ahead in order to give members plenty of time.

Also, how long will we have to read it? A month? Two months?

If I can't do Maphead now, I'd like to nominate Mapping Human History: Genes, Race, and Our Common Origins.

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul | 147 comments I am going to nominate Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations but Mapping Human History sounds like a good choice as well.

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
You're absolutely right Betsy, that it can take time to get library books. I want to be sure we've time to get Maphead, so that's why we're waiting on that one. Thank you both for your nominations.

Discussion will start Dec. 1, but will stay open as long as people are interested.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't have a particular book to add to this list, but will try and get my hands on a copy of maphead for that discussion.

message 6: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod

message 7: by Ralph (new)

Ralph McEwen | 46 comments Ok I am throwing my nomination in. How about Off the Map: The Curious Histories of Place-Names. It sound interesting to me, it's only 200 pages and I can get it through my local libaray.

message 8: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 644 comments Mod
Ok, putting the poll up now - please vote!

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