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Jennie Peck | 20 comments Horrible Harry by Suzy Kline

This book was about an ornery boy who gets himself into trouble, even though he and his best friend get upset with each other they remain friends. Harry makes everyone laugh.

I used this book as a read aloud in my classroom, it really gets the boys interested in chapter books. They want me to read another!

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Jennie Peck | 20 comments Junie B. Jones and the stinky smelly bus by Barbara Park

This book is so funny, It has a lot of humor that goes over the students heads, but it makes it a fun read aloud for a classroom. Junie B. does everything children think of doing or saying but know better not to do. She has the whole town looking for her when she hides in the supply closet.

Not only can children identify with how Junie feels, it also helps grown ups see the world through a child's eyes. I used this for a read aloud also, but there were a lot of points for discussion as far as how to express your feelings and how to tell grown ups you have a problem.

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