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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments Bad Kitty Vs. Uncle Murray by Nick Bruel was a funny graphic novel about two pets, a dog and a cat. The owners lefts the pets with Uncle Murray for a week and he had quite a bit of trouble with Kitty. She would screech at any noise that was made, she ran away, and made messes. Uncle Murray bonded with the dog and was going to leave Kitty home alone. He ended up coming back and by the time the family came home, the house was a wreck! It was too be continued because the parents came home with a baby.....
I could see the learners in my class really liking this book. It was a silly story that some of them could relate to. It would be a good addition to my class library.

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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments Sam's Goal by Michael Hardcastle is a graphic novel about a boy who loves to play soccer. He finds out hat he and his hero, soccer star Alex Ackton share the same birthday. Sam invites Alex to his birthday by writing him a letter. Alex calls him to let Sam know he won't be able to make it to his party, but he invites him to a local soccer game. Sam starts practicing even harder and improves his skills so he can impress his hero. Alex calls and invites Sam to be a ball boy at the soccer game. Sam thinks that some dreams really do come true!
This book would be a great introduction on how to write a letter or to show how writing a letter could make a difference. I think the learners in my class would like this book and others in this series.

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