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Why read women's fiction?

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Darian Wilk | 5 comments Hey everyone,
During a recent blog swap, Ute Carbone (author of Blueberry) and I spoke on the topic "Why read women's fiction". We discussed what women's fiction really is, taking a deeper look at the genre you may already be reading, without realizing it. With SL's permission (thanks SL!), I'd like to share the links with you all here.

First is Ute's post on my blog, I hope you'll find her post as interesting as I did, http://crazyladywithapen.blogspot.com...

And lastly is my post on her blog, http://ute-carbone.blogspot.com/2011/...

Thanks for looking!

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SL Clark (heartpress) Great articles, thanks for the sharing the links.

C.C. wrote: "Clear as mud, LOL! I think I'll leave this with ones that know better than I do."

Romance Writers of America says it isn't a romance if the writer fails to give a happy ending, even for their "RWA - Women's Fiction" section.

As writers are well aware, life isn't an endless stream of Skittles & Cream. The journey is important, the happy ending may not arrive, and sometimes it does, on the last page in a long series.

A great story transports us into the life of another, either for some momentary escapist entertainment or a lifetime of contemplation. Women's Fiction. Exactly.

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