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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments Blackberry Ink by Eve Merriam is a collection of poetry and pictures. Most of the poems are rhymes and they cover different topics including seasons, weather, holidays, left/right, and many more.

I would use this book to teach the learners in my classroom how to write poetry. Also, since it is a lower reading level, it would be appropriate for some of my students.

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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments My Teacher is a Dinosaur by Loreen Leedy is a collection of poems, riddles, and amazing facts. The book goes through a timeline of the ages of the dinosaurs. Each section has a poem or sometimes two about the different types of dinosaurs from that age.

I really like this book because I know that the learners in my class would really like it and there are some great facts mixed in with the silliness of the jokes. I like books that entertain and encourage learning and this one does that. It would be great to use during our dinosaur unit.

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