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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes was a great realistic fiction story about a group of girls. One girl, Wanda, wore the same blue dress to school every day and was teased about that and her name. Peggy and Maddie would always ask her how many dresses she had and Wanda would always say she had 100 dresses hanging in her closet. When Wanda would walk away, the girls would laugh and make fun of her. There was a dress designing competition in their class and Wanda won the contest and everyone thought they were great, but Wanda's family had moved away. The girls went looking for her and wrote a letter to her and they finally heard back from Wanda and she said that Maddie and Peggy could each have a drawing. The girls realized Wanda had drawn them into the picture.
I could read this book to my class to use as a social story about how to treat one another and that we need to be kind to everyone. I really liked this book!

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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments I read the book Twisted by Laurie Halsey Anderson. It is about a high school senior who is in trouble for spray painting the school. He doesn't have a good relationship with his parents and is in some difficult classes. His crush decides she likes him, but her brother has picked on Tyler since grade school. Chip and Bethany's dad is Tyler's dad's boss. Tyler tries to protect Bethany at a party and rumors get spread about him throughout the high school and things get even more difficult for Tyler. He plots a way he can commit suicide, but he doesn't go through with it. Instead, he stands up for himself avaunt those who have bullied him at school, Bethany, the principal, and his dad. He made a good choice!
I really like this book and Anderson's writing style. Due to the content, it would not be appropriate for the learners in my class, but I think older high school students would like this book.

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