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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino is an adorable picture book about a pug named Alfred. Alfred feels unlovable because other dogs, the cat, fish, and parrot are always teasing and making fun of him. When another dog moved in next door, they talked, but Alfred lied about what kind of dog he is. Rex, the neighbor dog, wanted to meet Alfred and dug under the fence to meet him. Alfred hid from Rex at first, but when Rex found him, they discovered that they were both pugs! Rex and Alfred became great friends and played together all the time. Best of all, Alfred never felt unlovable again!
I will use this book in my classroom as a social story to show that everyone deserves a friend and that everyone is lovable no matter what they look like. I think the children in my class will like this story.

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Natalie Messersmith | 20 comments A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman was a fun picture book about Thanksgiving. The setting of this story is a town that is down-heartened because they don't have a turkey for Thanksgiving. The townspeople decide to hold a contest where they will make turkey art and they need a model. They make turkeys out of clay, soap, rope, potatoes, and many other items. On the day when the winner is to be announced and the turkey is going to be caught, he disappears and is nowhere to be found among the created turkeys. The turkey outsmarted the people and they ended up eating shredded wheat for Thanksgiving while the turkeys relaxed on the beach.

I would use this book in my classroom as a fun holiday story. It would get the learners thinking about Thanksgiving and could be a good introduction to a Thanksgiving unit or even rhyming.

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