The Left Hand of God (The Left Hand of God, #1) The Left Hand of God question

The mutilation of the beautiful young woman
Sandy Snyders-Wright-Esser Sandy Nov 03, 2011 04:50PM
I enjoy reading, but must admit I am not the most thorough reader. So my question is "What was the small hard object in the metal dish that the Lord of Discipline removed from the girl's stomach?

We all have to read the sequel/s to find out. :)

Francesca I thought it was a toffee
Dec 13, 2011 01:53PM · flag
Keith Hull I thought it was supposed to be a gallstone. like an ambergris kind of deal
Dec 16, 2011 12:21PM · flag

i am waiting for the third book and from what i read this is going to be a trilogy. so far i don't see any importance to the metal thing that he took. more importantly i don't see a ending i think there is going to be more book and a trilogy.

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