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The land of Twisted Cacophony is crawling with a sense of terror. It was designed to make the blood run cold and the heart stop in other animals -- or so the legend states. This place is heavily dense with trees, though bushes and other foresty plants rest upon the damp earth here as well. Most would recoil from the scent of fear that lingers here, but those of the Twisted Cacophony actually come to desire the odd smell.
Tread on with care, fellow lupine, for here, your days are numbered and your breaths are limited.

You will come to find that the Forbidden Shadows' land is not much different from TC's. Trees of all kinds have grown everywhere, leaving a heavy pressure over your shoulders, like the sense of knowing there's a giant boulder hanging over your head, but you can't see it -- a thriller. Though FS isn't created demonically like Twisted Cacophony was, you will come to find that this place may be just as creepy. Here, you will always feel a presence, much like a canopy of shadows and ghosts flying overhead. Nonetheless, the aura here is much more pleasant and the scents that vacillate in the far corners of the terra are much more welcoming and luscious -- almost to the point that you feel the urge to follow it, to follow the scents and let them lead you until you come face to face with the speedy canines that call this place home; but would it really be worth it in the end?

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It was around twilight that the young regal, black as midnight, stalked silently through the forest of which she'd adopted. Her mind was nowhere in particular; just that she must complete the daily patrol that one of her members had lacked to do. Of course, naturally, a consequence followed such laziness and procrastination -- he must patrol with her at her pace, instead of on his own at his own pace, and her pace was rather fast, for she was not one to be patient. At her flank, the member panted lightly, but refused to show weakness and kept at it. The alphess huffed sharply at his stubbornness, annoyed slightly because she saw it as showing off -- though it wasn't necessarily that -- but she was also grateful that she did not have to wait for a slow dog on this journey that she wouldn't have had to waste her time on in the first place if it weren't for him.

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( Oh, it's okay. I totally understand. xD I happen to be quite the English nazi myself -- though 'creepy' happens to be one of the words I tend to struggle with -- so I totally get it. :) )

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where did my brother go?

♏⟑¢⊀∑∏≳≀∑ | 13 comments hours later, finally goes to sleep, shivering in the cold.

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At one point, the brute that didn't follow through with his duties began to slow, becoming exhausted, and automatically, sensing his weariness, she whipped around and took a snap at him, purposefully missing him. He jumped, yipping with surprise, but as the she-wolf continued, the male managed to follow at her pace once again; the alphess smirked successfully.

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Axela Amaris, having traveled a little to close to the border in her hunting trip, heard a noisy snap and a yip. She smirked. I wonder who's getting punished now.

The misty gray she-wolf padded silently toward where she had heard the sound, starting to trot when she realized the quick pace they were using.

She caught up with the two and saw the alphess setting a grueling pace for someone. She opened her mouth in a laugh. Loping side by sidewith the Alphess, she cocked her head, gesturing at the exhausted creature behind them. What did they do? But she seemed smug. She never shirked her duties.

[G2G, dinner]

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Krym slid a look in Amaris' direction, almost a glance of annoyance -- after all, being the haughty queen that she was, it was natural for her to be irritable and demanding twenty-four/seven -- but then her expression melted, relaxing as she recognized the familiar presence of her huntress. She blinked and flicked the tip of her tail in greeting, then not caring if the male overhead, Krym muttered, "He disregarded his responsibility to patrol the borders." Her beady eyes, full of ill intent, turned on the straggler for a moment as she spoke.


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Axela [Back]

Amaris shot a dark look behind her. "Irresponsible fool," she grumbled under her breath, the sound strangely lacking the Germanic edge of her accent.

When her eyes met her Alphess' again, they smiled. Her slightly bared teeth made that evil. She hated when people did not follow through. Especially because he had had the same job all along, she was sure.

"So you set zis incredible pace for 'is punishment? It does not zeem enuff to me. I mean no disrespect," she added, "you are very fast and strong to carry zuch a speed, and I am sure zat 'e iss no comparizon, but..." Her eyes sparkled with malicious delight. "I zink... hmm..." She looked back at him casually, tail rising. "Vould you like me to giff 'im a new scar? It vould look pretty on 'is vace." Amaris chuckled darkly.

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( Sorry for my disappearance. My mother forced me off the computer. :P )

Krym exchanged glances with Amaris, and the look in her eyes said she was considering the idea. She switched her gaze on the wolf trailing behind them, who immediately dropped his eyes submissively, obediently, obviously pleading for his safety; he knew he was in trouble.

The alphess didn't smile. She didn't make any gestures towards gratification; all she did was flick her tail-tip once again and murmur, "Your intentions enthuse me, Amaris." There was a slight pause as she slowed her pace to a leisurely trot. "Give him something to remember."

A glint of malice flashed in her black irises as she finally came to a halt, taking her place beside the trunk of a tree to observe the scene; she didn't know why she hadn't just hurt him to begin with. He did deserve it, considering he had been ignorant of her and her orders, but as excellent as it would feel to sink her claws into his flesh, watching would be fun, too, and would suffice.

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Axela Amaris grinned evilly. Her teeth bared, her hackles rising, she snarled menacingly. A red tint leaked into her vision, but she fought it back. It wouldn't do to kill the wolf.

She stalked toward the wolf, who cowered before her. He had hunted with her. He knew how she could kill.

She stalked forward, her legs stiff in threat, and laughed maniacally when he cowered further into the ground. She flicked her foot up beneath his chin, raising it, admiring his face like a craftsman with a piece of wood, wondering exactly what kind of pattern to carve into it. "Hm..." she mused, drawing it out.

"Vat should I do viz 'im?" She asked her alpha, still studying the contours of the wolf's face.

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As she descended onto her haunches in a sitting position, her tail curling easily over her forepaws, one corner of her lips pulled up ever so slightly in a twisted smirk.

"I don't want you to kill him," Krym began, practically echoing Amaris' thoughts, "and I don't want him crippled, either. I would like him alive and still with the ability to do his duties -- if he shall do them." Her eyes narrowed, glaring at the guilty canine as she spat her final words, then she continued, "Do with him what you will, Amaris -- as long as he returns back to camp in one piece," -- she practically hissed her next words as she spoke, -- "and learns his lesson."

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Axela A low huff slipped out from between Amaris' teeth. Wo with him what she will... She all of a sudden started to feel extremely inspired and creative. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with him, and exactly how to use her teeth and even her digging-claws to carve a nice mattern into his brow.

So she did. She chuckled at every time he whimpered or whined. It looked majestic--or it would when it healed, because then the hair would not grow back, and he would have white, bare scars that created a thorned-vine pattern across his brow and muzzle. But for now, it hurt, and it would hurt for a while until it was healed. Especially whenever he walked through the underbrush. She was careful to leave his eyes and nose and ears alone, so that he wasn't crippled.

"Come," she barked, leading him up to the Alpha so she could examine the carving.

"Isn't it pretty?" she smirked.

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The alphess watched, fascinated as her huntress took on the soon-to-be omega, easily creating a visible gash across his brow. As the two of them approached her, Krym seemed pleased; the scar was placed perfectly in a place where all could see it everytime someone looked his way and where he could see it everytime he glanced at his reflection in a puddle, and she had followed her wishes -- he still had all his strengths without flaw; well, except for beauty of course.

"I love it, Amaris." Krym stood tall as she spoke, allowing her dominant presence to cause the male to submiss and quickly cower to the ground beside her. "Very well done." She slid a small, malicious smile in the hunter's direction.

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Axela Amaris glowed. "Zank you, Missus." She slowly looked around, casual, and a little bored. "Iss zere anyzink you need vrom me? If no, you vill know vere to find me." She took several steps forward, looking back kover her shoulder at her Alphess. Hunting, she finished for herself. I will be hunting. She was becoming bored with the situation--sadism was nothing new to her, and she wanted to get out an kill something before her--oh, she won't let me say it. Great, now there's blood on the keyboard. Stupid wolf...--before her problem arose again.

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"No," Krym replied, flicking her tail in dismissal. "I do not need you for anything else right now. You may go."

The alphess turned her attention on the male. He was still curled up in a submissive ball beside her. Her lips drew back in a silent snarl, and she barked, "You're coming with me." She turned away from him and, after kicking snow in his face, Krym began making her way towards camp. "Let's get going!" she hissed in the male's direction when at first he didn't move. "I don't have much patience." He scrambled to his feet and hurried after his alpha.

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Axela Amaris smiled, bowed lightly, and loped in a wide circle around the irritated Alphess as a customary goodbye before spinning off and going to the border. There was a scent of plentiful prey across the border underneath the scent of FS wolves...

She swiped her tongue around her jaws once, and walked forward, stepping over the border, her paws silent as a huntress. She wouldn't get caught, she knew it. She would take a great kill back to Camp tonight, though whether it may be drained of blood or not she didn't know.

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Axela Amaris turned to stone. The sound of breath and rustling fur alerted her to the presence of another wolf nearby. She felt the urge to bark out a warning, but se was no longer in her own territory. She stayed still, oping against hope that they wouldn't notice her. She would probably have to kill them to avoid detection by the Alphas of the Packs--she didn't want to kill another wolf, she was merely searching for game. She stopped her breath and waited in absolute stillness and silence.

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Krym led the wolf back to camp, loping at that same quick pace that she had been taking before without mercy; he followed without complaint, but she could hear the heaviness of his breath increase as the seconds passed. Still, she continued to hasten back towards camp.

When she reached her home, the alpha abandoned her follower and hurried into her den, secretly relieved to be alone; she didn't want to hear another word from another pack member for at least the next ten minutes. She just wanted to relax in peace -- an opportunity that was very rare to her, so she seized it without hesitation.

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Axela Amaris' ear flicked. A small, almost silent growl was comig from very, very close. Her eyes rolled in their sockets, looking for the owner, though her grey-an-black pelt stayed still as stone. Not even a hair twitched in the breeze.

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Mac | 8 comments *drifts in and out of sleep, in a king of life-preserving coma, but life is still ebbing away guickly* (г๏รคlเє, can you like, i dont know, stumble across my charrie or something? I dont know how else to continue to rp it)

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Mac | 8 comments (oops, i meant kind, not king. quickly, not guickly)

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Mac | 8 comments (thx)

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Mac | 8 comments (my charrie is a pup(just so you know))

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( Mac, could you please fill out a character form on the "New Charries" topic before continuing? And make sure to read over *all* of the rules as well. )

Her luxurious ten minutes passed undisturbed to her relief, in which she just laid there, quiet and unmoving towards the back of her large den, originally designed for a family of wolves, not just a single alphess; she preferred life as the only ruler of her kingdom, and to top it off, she hadn't ever found interest in anyone anyway.

When the time was up, Krym rose from her resting position on the ground; it was time to go about and continue her duties as alpha, and she wasn't one to slack off. With that thought, she made her way outside into the evening sunlight; the sunbeams practically turned her midnight pelt to auburn without complication, and they nearly blinded her in the meantime. She automatically turned her back towards the massive star.

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Axela Amaris smiled, slowly enough to be unnoticable in the FS wolf's peripheral vision. The growling canine she had heard was now looking at the ground, and something covered un dust and leaves and that looked like it was dying.

She didn't dare challenge the wolf for the creature, which could have easily become a next meal, but she did steal away silently, further into the FS Wolves' territory. When she was far from the semi-cleared border and nearer to the trees, she looked back and chuckled, her amber eyes flashing red before she retreated into the dark of the forest.

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Axela [I really wish you people would use your wolf's name(s), I can't tell who the heck you are unless I go looking up your username... >.<]

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( M'kay, that's fine, then. )

At one point, Krym met the gaze of that one disobedient male, and she came to a stop, watching him through narrowed eyes. For a moment, she just stood there, glaring at him, then she approached, her dominating presence overwhelming the wolf and causing him to fall to his side submissively.

"I don't usually do this," the alphess began, "but considering you already had your beating, I'm giving you one more chance. Patrol the borders -- all of them -- and report back to me. This is it, dog," she added. "Don't screw up."

She continued to stare at him until he managed to sneak to his feet, then he booked it out of the camp. She couldn't help herself; she smirked towards his cowardice as he raced away.

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Axela [I think it's time that the poor dog became someone's character. Do you want to make him or me?]

Amaris was astonished by the amount of prey in the FS territory. At every turn was a hare or a vole or a marmot or small hog. Her eyes lit up at the prospect of Krym's praise when she returned to camp bearing a wild hog for the Pack.

When she next turned her head, there was a large, lumbering creature not 500 yeards to the right. It didn't seem like a hog though, with it's small, dainty footsteps, so she kept looking. Backtracking, she found the place where she had sprung a hog and concentrated on its scent. Her vision swam in red and she smiled evilly. Welcoming the dark force that begged for release, she let the demon take over and watched herself hunt.

It was swift. The hog died before it knew what hit it. One second it was rooting violently between the roots of a tree and the next there were dagger-like teeth in its throat. Amaris, sitting in the back of her mind as the demon accomplished it's longed-for kill, regretted that the creature was so large. She could drag it back easily, but she could not lift it up to drink the lifeblood the thing was choking on. Heaving a heavy sigh, she coerced the demon back into its rightful place at the back of her head and braced her feet. With a mighty tug to get things going, she dragged her prize back to the border with no interference.

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Axela On her way back, Amaris made sure that she steered clear of the place where she had once encountered the FS wolf. It made for extra work, but she didn't really mind. She wanted to bring this back and get her praise. It would suffice in exchange for such daring.

The place she decided to cross was completely devoid of living creatures, even plant matter. There was nothing left. Fitting, she thought, and stepped lightly across the border. Four or five steps in, she met with the dog she had scarred. Why, in the name of my Goddess, would Krym allow you to patrol again?! she thought to herself angrily, then pushed the emotions aside. Sh dropped the hog's head into the dust to join the rest of it's body while she spoke with him.

"I bring food, az you see." The male nodded. "Vinish your patrol--"

"This was m-my last circuit, miss," the male interrupted politely, bowing his head respectfully.

Hiding her smirk at his stutter, Amaris replied with an order. "Zen run back to our Alphess and 'ave 'er tell ze Pack zere is no need to 'unt tonight."

"Of course, miss. Never a need to hunt with you here, miss," he added, then bounded off the way he had come. His movements were jarring, and a little laborious--he was exhausted, but obeyed her order with all haste nonetheless. He might actually be a good Packwolf some day, she praised, then picked the hog's throat back up and dragged it toward camp.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) Ravenesh heard the sound of bushes and the forest floor being disturbed. She crouched low, her fur hiding her well in the forest. Which was a good thing since she was not supposed to be here in the TC. Her body tensed, fur standing on end, nerves on the edge as the male wolf ran past her. A sigh of relief escaped her muzzle. Deciding then to go back to her small cave. (she is a rough- if that is ok)

Rave took the detour route. In her mind it made sense: she didn't want to be noticed. If her existence is made important to the two bid packs she would either be hunted. Or be forced to choose. Though if she were to choose it would be the FS she would side with.

If she sided with the TC that would mean she have become a betrayer. Even though nothing is worse than a rough, being known as a betrayer to you're family was worse in her eyes.

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Axela [Have you left then? Or are you still there for my character to wander across?]

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) [I have left, but my character's home is not that far from were yours had ran past. So there is a chance that they could meet ]

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) Ravenesh entered her home and laid there for a few moments. Closing her eyes, she growled in frustration. She couldn't fall asleep on an empty stomach. So Ravenesh stood up and walked slowly out of her home and into the FC again. The scent of a wort hog tickled her nose and she started to follow it. Completely oblivious to her surroundings.

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Axela Amaris, dragging a heavy object and completely focused on her task, did not hear the footsteps until they were unusually close. Feeling slightly out of character, she merely stopped and dropped her catch.

"Who iss zere?" she asked quietly. Though she had just satisfied her itch, she begged her inner demons to return. If it came to a fight--which, knowing her, it probably would--she would rather have the demon on her side than asleep in a virtual corner. Slowly, reluctantly, the edges of her vision tinted pink-ish red. Starting to bristle, she turned toward her right, facing the sound of footsteps in the bushes.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) Ravenesh had heard the soft thud of something hitting the ground before she noticed the scent of another female wolf. A deep and threatening growl emitted from her throat. Her fur stood on end as she slowly approached.

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Axela The stranger actually growled at her! This really set Amaris off. She whirled and snarled menacingly, her teeth gleaming and eyesight flashing red. "'Ow DARE'st thou!" she yowled, enraged. "Approach MY kill! Vollow MY trail! And snarl at me vile thou art doing so?!"

She'll admit, it was a bit of an over-reaction, but she didn't care that moment. All she cared about was driving away the intruder from her Pack's next meal. Unless the creature could be respectful now, she was going to either chase it halfway across the world or tear it limb from limb, whichever suited her fancy at the time.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) Ravenesh leaped out from the bushes and her growl menacing. Threw her clenched and snapping teeth she said "Silence! I was hunting, not trying to steal you're meal." Her jaws snapped again "So back off!"

She knew that she had no right to tell another wolf to go away, but she felt strong. She was her own alpha. She did what she wanted, and did it by herself.

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Axela Taking a deep breath through her nose, therefore smelling that the female was not affiliated with any one real Pack, Amaris snapped viciously. "A lone Vulf tellink me vat to do? I don't zink so..." she growled maliciously. She lunged for the other wolf, purposefully stopping short with a loud snap. Taking two steps back, she howled. "My Pack! Intruder!"

She lowered her head, grinning maniacally. "I giff you tventy seconds. Run," she rumbled.

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) Ravenesh growled and snapped the she-wolf's paws. Before she ran, she growled "Watch where you tread next time.."
With a bound, she was gone, out of sight. Her scent the only thing felt of her. As she raced around the forest, rubbing her scent on some plants and trees. Disguising her trail. After a while she slipped back to her cave and stayed up listening and watching for any signs of being found.

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Axela [Mmm, this is getting interesting... Too bad we have to wait for my Alphess, now...]

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) [they should hurry. This is interesting]

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Axela [It's getting pretty cool. Wish we could take up another random scratch RP until Krym responds to my howl...]

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) [same here]

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(Meh; I'm sorry for my absense. >.< I didn't get any e-mails saying that anyone had responded, so I didn't know.)

The Alphess picked up on her Hunter's shout immediately, both of her ears twitching and swiveling around in reaction. Intruder? Her lips began to quiver in a silent growl; she automatically assumed that FS was the one to blame, and boy, how she loathed that pack. Turning her muzzle to the sky, Krym cried out, allowing a long, powerful howl to billow from her mouth as an alert to the rest of the pack and as a sign to Amaris that she had heard her request for assistance. Instantly everyone jumped into action; only seconds had passed and she had a patrol of her Elite Guard on her flank and they were hastening towards Amaris' scent.

It indeed took the estimated twenty seconds for the patrol to reach the Hunter. When they did, to her surprise, the Alphess found that the scent that now enveloped the area didn't belong to a wolf from FS. "A loner?" she thought aloud, becoming rather disappointed; she had been looking forward to a spat with her opposing pack. "There aren't very many of those around here," Krym continued to herself. She then met eyes with Amaris and gave her a brief approving nod of her head, showing a sign of appreciation for calling the intruder out on its attempt at crossing onto TC's side of the border; at the same time, it was also a gesture that invited her to participate in the fun. All it took after that for the action to start was a quick flick of the Alphess' tail, and then she and those following her hurried into the underbrush after the loner.

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Axela Amaris, still haughty with pride from the Alphess' nod of praise, hesitated, her eyes flicking between the underbrush and her kill. Niemand wird es wagen, ihn zu berühren, [No one will dare to touch it,] she thought to herself. With that, she rushed off into the underbrush, following the loner's scent as carefully but as quickly as she could. It was great fun to hunt another wolf. She had only done it once before.

Unthinkingly and without much resistance from the Pack, Amaris automatically took up the lead of the hunt while her Pack familiarized themselves with the scent of the lone wolf. She didn't realize at first, but once she did she thought that Krym would kill her for leading, but then the Hunt took her over and she didn't care.

The scent grew thicker, more powerful now with every bound. She knew that they were close. There was an obvious attempt to confuse the trail, but it really had only marked the wolf's track more effectively. Within minutes, the wolf Pack had crashed into the loner's hiding place, snarling and gnashing their teeth. Amaris barked a malicious laugh, waiting for Krym to announce the arrival of the Pack and the fate of the loner...

If she was really there. Though the scent was strong, Amaris knew her Pack had made much noise on the way to find this creature and bring her to justice. There was a possibility that she had had enough time to run before they had reached her Wohnfläche [living space.]

[Yes, for one, I do echo your length with the length of my posts.

Two, nevermind the fact that we're now in FS territory... ;P]

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) Reavebesh sped threw the forest. She knew they were catching up with her. A panicked decision made her turn around. She was head towards the pack. A snarl ripping from her throat, her fur stood on end. She was not going to be chased like some next meal. Her eyes were intense, showing like a window to her soul.

The moment she saw the first wolf she bolted faster towards them. Snapping her jaws. At the last moment she turned and just barely missed a tree. She knew that that would throw them off a bit.

She sped up again, ducking and weaving threw the forest. Leaping over a stream and fallen trees. She was not going to be caught nor beaten by these wolves.

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Axela Amaris, her reflexes sharpened from years of hunting, instincively and imediately flew after whatever had run at them. Long before she realized it was the loner, she was hot on it's trail. The leaping wolf's tail tickled her nose when she surged forward, but a sharp turn and sevral jumps caused her to lose some proximity.

Let her run. Amaris had extraordinary running endurance. She was the longest runner in the Pack, and could hold a pace like this frantic one for almost a whole 24 hours, unlike the poor thing she was chasing. She would run until she was exhausted, and Amaris would still have the energy to tear her to shreds afterward. Thanking her Goddess that the loner had no idea what they were up against, Amaris checked her breathing and her stride and, knowing they would hold her for a few hours at least, ran with all her skill.

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