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favorite character

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Andrew my favorite character has to be either nate or trevor.

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I always liked Trevor, too.

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Aisling Nate or Trevor.

Readingowl15 Come on! Summer and Nate are the BEST characters!

Andrew True, true. They are. ;)

Readingowl15 Andrew wrote: "True, true. They are. ;)"
THANK YOU for siding with me!! No one else chose Summer! She's like, the BRAVEST!

Andrew Yeah. She really is. She like teaches Nate how to be brave and stuff.

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Aisling Definately.She also does everything first. I would want to be her.

Izzy Summer is the awesomest in the WORLD and sommer is the BRAVEST!!!!!!

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Izzy Jenna wrote: "Definately.She also does everything first. I would want to be her."

Me to. YOU ROCK for picking her :)

Andrew Heck yeah ya do! Summer should've been more in the book and not ALL about Nate. :P

Kjorban John Dart is awesome!

Kjorban And Diego is cool. Got to love talking dogs. :)

Andrew Dude if i had brain feed, i would looooove talking to animals!

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Mackenzie I really like Nate and Summer.

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