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Here it is!

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((Sorry, need to add a pic... :/))

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((What kind?))

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((Oh, okay. :) ))

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((, look at this link:
It has all kinds of different dormitory pictures to pic from. *shrugs*))

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((OH, okay. Sorry, I didn't see that last post of yours, Adrianja.))

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((Ooooh! I like it!))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 203 comments Mod
Sparklebell wrote: "((Ooooh! I like it!))"

((Thnxs.I thought it was nice so I chose it.))

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 203 comments Mod
Taylor walked in and put her stuff down.She didn't bother changing because she's a mermaid.Then again...
She got on a summer dress and a got a bag and hat and left.

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