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Hey guys! Gabrielle aka Nina in the rp. Now just a bit of history here if you didn't know that House of Anubis was actually created in Dutch under the name Het Huis Anubis and was later made in Germany as well. The Dutch version seems very interesting and has been a hit sensation making the show go on for a number of seasons as well as movies, music cds and theater performances. Now the problem for me is that I only speak English, but the subtitles help. If anyone knows anything about Het Huis Anubis or would like to learn more please feel free to join in the conversation. Sibuna!!!

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Azn_seddie (svetocha-heroine) | 120 comments I can try and help. I've watched HHA online (well, whatever episodes are left online), which didn't have subtitles and I don't speak Dutch but I was able to understand most of what happened in HHA.

So, count me in!

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Great!!! I too enjoyed the song Ware Liefde and the stage version is very pretty between the guy who plays Jerome and Nina. I like the music video they did for Nina and Fabian, the scenery was beautiful in Hij and lyrics were very pretty.

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Azn_seddie (svetocha-heroine) | 120 comments ^Oh yeah, definitely. And it was so sweet that they played it during the season 1 finale when Fabian and Nienke danced.


As for comparisons, I can probably list as much as I can remember for now cuz there's quite a bunch as you might've seen. So a lot of this might be familiar.

HHA Season 1:
*Nienke (Nina) arrives at Anubis house with her grandma, who stays at the same nursing home as Sarah.

*We never see Joyce (Joy) until the middle of season 1 and not in the finale.

*Victor's crow is named Corvus, after the constellation; and both the crow and constellation play a big role at during the season 1 finale where he was supposed to explode and Victor makes replica Corvus. And Corvus means raven in Latin.

*Amber/Joyce and Mara/Patricia were originally roommates before Nienke (Nina) arrived.

*Trudie was not Indian. She was more eccentric and superstitious. Quite hilarious. After Patricia, Jeroen (Jerome), and Appie (Alfie) had their Ouija board session (crystal ball in the English version), she was supposed to call her shaman friend to cleanse Patricia.

*Jason's last name is Winker and there was supposed to be an improv excercise after he introduces himself and Nienke impresses the class.

*The fake smoke bomb scene happened in the kitchen before Mick's b-day party (Amber/Mick's back-together party and Parents' Day in HOA) and Mick saves Amber. Amber was kinda bed-ridden during most of the party.

*When Mara starts acting out, one of the things she does is smoke her first and last cigarette, which upsets Mick cuz it's unlike her to sink that low for attention. And this bit didn't make it pass the US Nick censors.

*Mr. Van Swieten's (Mr. Sweet) class had a Biology excursion in the woods nearby (Mr. Winkler's Parents' Day in HOA) where he breaks his leg and had Appie (Alfie) and Jeroen (Jerome) do chores for him as punishment.

*Rufus and Zeno are 2 different people. Rufus Malpied and Dr. Zeno Terpstra. Dr. Zeno was the old guy Nienke, Amber, and Fabian caught talking to Sarah in her room.

*Nienke (as well as Amber and Fabian) occasionally visits her grandma when she goes to visit Sarah. Her grandma ends up going into a coma during season 2.

*Appie pretends to break his ankle during a basketball game (soccer in HOA) and this was Coach Esther's first scene.

*Nienke goes into the attic alone during Mick's b-day party and Jeroen was the one who got slapped by the random girl instead of Appie.

*A lot of Rufus and Patricia's secret meetings occurred at the bike rack. The bike rack was a frequent setting cuz the characters rode their bikes to school. It's absent in HOA, but Nina, Amber, and Fabian do ride their bikes once.

*The class rep campaign doesn't stop at the booths nor did Jeroen embarrass Amber with the posters. Amber's booth stuff comes last minute and she isn't a great cheerleader. The booths were for a preliminary voting, which Mara won the first (my memory is a bit fuzzy here) and Amber won the second, which was to represent a country. I wasn't sure what Mara got but there was a fortune-teller that Jeroen hired to screw Mick over as well as some others. And Amber got the US and Nienke was her cheer-partner and they performed a routine and Fabian went as the Statue of Liberty, full body paint and everything. And Amber won that round.

*Robbie is Little Robbie cuz he's supposed to be a foot shorter than others, which plays into his storyline with Patricia in season 2.

*Victor doesn't put a black feather between the attic door and the ceiling when Nienke goes up there during Mick's b-day party.

*Van Swieten was the one who talks/informs the brotherhood-thing about Mr. Winker.

*Mr. Winker was the one who takes Amber's recorder from Fabian; and Nienke and Amber sing and dance to distract Jason in order to take it back.

*There was no message from Sarah behind the wallpaper and the Tears of Glass never occurred to get that puzzle piece.

*Nienke actually gets sick when her and Amber find the cat. (Amber faking sick in HOA)

*Mick was sitting in the seat at the next table next to Mara when she cheated and Jeroen sat in the row of seats on the other side towards the middle-back.

*Jeoren blackmails Mara in the kitchen (girls' bathroom in HOA) and Mick finds out about her cheating from Fabian after he overhears Appie and Jeoren talking about it. No girl-fight.

*Everyone gets mad at Jeroen for blackmailing Mara and Mick forgives her afterward. They both come up with a plan to get back at Jeoren by planting fake letters from Coach Esther in his locker where he shows up in the girls' locker room shower to meet Coach Esther in nothing but his pink boxer-briefs. She screams and he runs out to find Mick and Mara (and Fabian) spying on him to make sure it worked.

*The first heiroglyph Nienke finds behind Sarah's portrait in the attic was on a piece of parchment in between the backing of the frame and the portrait. (On the back of the frame in the English version)

*Nienke goes by herself to the 8th stair-step and finds the key in an envelope in the step.

*Fabian suggests to Mick that he should serenade Amber with a song, which he starts singing and Mick starts rapping in the school hallway. (Alfie's rap in HOA).

*Appie steals the attic keys for Nienke's initiation. (Nienke steals them in HOA)

*Mr. Winker never finds Joyce's (Joy) cell phone in the school bins outside.

*Jeroen (Jerome) is the one who mostly speaks over Sarah's recordings and Appie adds a maniacal laugh (Only Alfie records over it in HOA).

*Patricia purposely talks to Mara about her feelings for Mick in the bathroom cuz she knows Amber was in one of the stalls and Amber comes out of the stall crying.

*Amber and Mick were suppose to make-out after he gives her the bracelet and they don't see Mara walk in on them.

*Patricia sees the locket when it accidentally falls out of Nienke's gym sweats' pocket during gym class (House bathroom in HOA).

*Amber gets pushed into the corner of the house bathroom sink during her fight with Patricia over why Nienke and Fabian weren't at the Biology Excursion and Amber gets a bloody gash near her temple. There was even blood dripping from where she hit her head ("I asked you to keep a secret" water dump scene in HOA). IMO, I wished they kept the original scene instead cuz it would give the rest of the housemates more reason to be mad at Patricia than just dumping a pitcher of water on her and calling her out. And it wasn't that much blood to me.

*There was never an old, un-renovated oven in the kitchen that led to the cellar.

*The locket never opens up any secret passages or wall fixtures.

*Appie and Jeroen catch one of the teachers going into a church near the school where they held their brotherood "staff meetings".

*Nienke, Fabian, and Amber prick their fingers in a blood oath when they form the club in the drama room (Prized possession burning in the woods in the HOA).

*Old Willow Club (Burnt Eml Club in HOA).

*Patricia catches Nienke, Fabian, and Amber in the woods when she goes to meet Rufus and they all find him K-O'd (Patricia and Nina agree to meet Rufus in the woods in HOA).

*Nienke goes to meet her grandma on the bench before school (Nina runs into Sarah and returns her to the nursing home in HOA).

*ABSOLUTELY NO TWILIGHT ALLUSIONS. Lol. Only 1 reference to Harry Potter from Jeroen after Amber asks Van Swieten about elixirs. Although, there were mentions of vampire and werewolves in general.

*Nienke was at still bed-ridden at the house when Amber asks about elixirs.

*Jeroen questions Amber about what's going on in the cellar (Patricia in HOA) and she pretends to break her ankle/leg. And Nienke, Patricia, and Fabian pretend to look like they were jogging with Mick and Mara by the time Joeren gets Victor.

*Patricia and Jeroen don't see Appie in the hospital after he drinks the fake elixir. And Particia sees the nurse and Rufus near the church and school (same hospital as Alfie in HOA).

Season 1 Finale:
*Joyce (Joy) isn't supposed to come back in the finale.

*The society isn't supposed to meet in the finale. It's implied that they disbanded.

*The Club originally needed Corvuz (Corbier) him/itself because of the constellation (which they find out on a school computer) of the same name would be visible to help put the Cup of Ankh together. So Victor loses his feathered friend. (The Club uses the coordinates for Isis and Osiris in HOA).

The Chosen One doesn't put the Cup together like Nina did in HOA. Nienke isn't supposed to be a Chosen One at the end of season 1.

*I distinctly don't remember anything about the housemates being allcolites(sp?) in HHA. So the hostage bit in the classroom and the tricking of Rufus/Aflie fainting in the cellar of HOA doesn't happen in the original.

*When The Club puts the puzzle pieces together, the whole house is supposed to shake and Victor, Van Swieten (Mr. Sweet), and Dr. Zeno Terpstra (Rufus Zeno) are the only ones chasing The Club around the house.

*The Club was supposed to have made 2 fake Cups of Ankh that Appie (Alfie) and Patricia use to trick Van Swieten (and Victor and Zeno).

*While getting chased in Anubis House, The Club, sans Nienke, are supposed to get their prom outfits and get ready at school.

*Amber wasn't supposed to have dress issues and her and Appie (Alfie) don't become a couple yet. But Appie surprising her with the petals does the girls' bathroom.

*Mr. Winker (Mr. Winkler) doesn't appear in the season 1 finale until Amber is about to approach the entrance of the prom and he's seen walking toward Coach Esther to escort her as her date. So he really had nothing to do with the Cup and the kids in the finale unlike HOA).

*Coach Esther doesn't get stood up by Mr. Winker in the original. Amber sees him in the hallway, thinking he's walking towards her when he was really walking towards Esther.

2nd post coming.

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Azn_seddie (svetocha-heroine) | 120 comments Cont'd

*Victor's last scene in the original season 1 finale was him talking to someone on the phone as opposed to just wallowing in defeat in HOA. The original Cup of Ankh is more vase-shaped while in HOA, it's more chalice/gobblet-shaped.

*Patricia ends up being Little Robbie's date at the prom in the original as good friends.

HHA Season 2 in detail
Sounds like they might/are actually do the Nienke/Jimmy storyline but re-naming him Eddie, making him American, aging him down, and is NOT a handyman. "A self-styled punk bad boy" is a close enough description of Jimmy, esp. since he was hired by Victor and the way he was fixing himself in front of the school's girls' bathroom mirror.

As for the other new characters, we should expect but aren't 100% guarrenteed to see:
-Vera de Kel: The temp housekeeper Victor ends up hiring while Trudie is on vacay who (view spoiler)

-Mr. Wolf: The suspicious new teacher who becomes Jeroen/Jerome's confidant when the guilt-ridden nightmares of Dr. Zeno (not Rufus) become too much for him (Jeroen) to handle. (view spoiler)

-Amneris' ghost: The Club learns the story of her curse from a journal Fabian finds, which conjures up her ghost. She ends up haunting the house, leaving Noa signs that they share a connection. Her haunting the house ends up scaring Trudie so much that she goes overboard with her superstitious methods causing Victor to send her on a temporary leave/vacay.

-Robbie: Not really new but he does run the school's paper/magazine, which does become a storyline in the Dutch version. He likes Patricia, esp. once she and Joyce join the school's paper. Him and Patricia become a couple.

-Joyce/Joy: Not new either but we see more of her cuz she gets readmitted at the school and moves back into the house. She rooms with Patricia and Mara causing Mara to move into the attic. She and Fabian rekindle but very, very briefly. She encourages Patricia to join the school paper with her. She and Mick become a couple and they go on a triple date with Patricia/Robbie and Van Englen(Andrews)/Van Swieten(Sweet). And is no longer involved in the main plot except helping the housemates to look for Nienke in the woods.

-Jimmy (Most-likely Eddie in House of Anubis): To refresh, Jimmy is a handyman Victor hires to help Trudie around the house and keep an eye on the housemates. He ends up rooming with Mick and esp. Fabian. He gets close to Nienke, which drives a big wedge between her and Fabian. All the girls think he's hot but none of the guys like him. He plays all the girls' affections, except Noa, cuz he thinks he's cool like that. He visits Nienke's comatose grandmother at the hospital. I'm not sure what happened to him in season 2 cuz YT took down those episodes but he's gone before season 2 ended. IF Jimmy is Eddie, he'll be the housemates' age, American, and is a self-styled punk bad boy. So, I'll be about as surprised as you guys will be about where Eddie's character goes.

-Grandma Martens/Martins: Nienke's grandmother, who was a recurring character in season 1 of the Dutch and German versions. She stayed at the retirement home where Sarah lived, which gave Nienke the cover she needed to visit both her and esp. Sarah. She wasn't in House of Anubis except for the picture Nina had. In season 2, she falls into a mysterious coma but (view spoiler)

-Noa: Her character is highly unlikely for House of Anubis, as it was for Das Haus Aubis (German), since Tasie has no plans on leaving, which would mean Mara won't leave. So, expect this to go in Das Haus Anubis' direction where the writers give Noa's storylines to Mara. Noa loves antiques from flee markets and is an orphan. She ended up being Jeroen's love interest when Mara left. (view spoiler) In season 3, Noa ends up finding out what happened to her family and why she is (view spoiler)

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 38 comments OmG! How long did it take you to do all that?

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Azn_seddie (svetocha-heroine) | 120 comments Sandra wrote: "OmG! How long did it take you to do all that?"

A few hours. hehe. I originally posted these on the HOA IMDB boards for people who were asking for them. My memory is pretty sharp, but I had to rewatch season 2 to tweak some stuff. And of course, I couldn't write down every single detail, so I posted the links to the season 2 synopses, which adds in only a few more details. The easiest thing would be to watch it on Youtube cuz pretty much every episode is on Youtube except one, but they aren't subtitled.

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Becca | 11 comments I bet I toke my a hour to read that

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