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Is it Clean?

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message 1: by Linda (new)

Linda Hart (lindahart) | 3 comments yes! This is my goodreads review: "I am so through with YA dystopia. The writing is good; The message is important; the characters interesing; but the plot never goes anywhere and is a disappointing setup for a sequel which i won't read." That being said, it is a novel for YA, not a 69 yr old like I, and my daughters with teenagers enjoyed it & gave it better ratings.

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Hi Nikki!

We're just about to add this to our website.

I read this, and I would say YES! I think it would be a great, clean read for 16+. There were some very mild mature themes (they take "pills" to forget anything bad that happens, and the elderly are given pills to put them to "sleep" when it is their time to die). It's a dystopian read, so there are government vs. individual themes.

Overall, it's a GREAT clean alternative to books like "The Hunger Games" for teens.

I agree with Linda that I was left a little disappointed by the plot development, but I think that it's right on track for teen readers. I'd probably say 16+ to be safe.

Hope this helps! And thanks to Linda for the great response, too!

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Nikki wrote: "Is the book Matched by Ally Condie clean?


"Matched" is a great clean-read choice. See complete review with rated content analysis at http://www.compassbookratings.com/rev...

message 4: by LAWonder10 (new)

LAWonder10 | 1 comments Summer's Song by Lindi Peterson was a great book. It is more for the YA but I loved it. It is about a "Rock Star" who hit bottom when her son was taken from her because of her life style. She put herself through rehab, got counseling, and was trying to change her life around with almost no support. It describes her struggles and feelinf of near defeat.

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