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Frontier Lady (Lone Star Legacy, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Young adult historical fiction- western [s]

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Stephanie (silverspurs501) | 10 comments This book is a western about a girl who moves or inherits a cattle ranch. The villain is a hustler with a British accent. The sequel is about a native American boy who is raised as a cowboy named Sky. I am looking for any hints as to the author or book titles. Thanks!

Rhianna Clawson Warrior's Song (Lone Star Legacy, 3) by Judith Pella is I think actually the third book in the series and I think the first book you're looking for is: Frontier Lady (Lone Star Legacy, Bk. 1) by Judith Pella

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Stephanie (silverspurs501) | 10 comments That's it! Thank you! I love this group!

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remember to move this to solved please Stephanie.

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Rhianna Clawson Yep, no problem :)

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