My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers, #1) My Soul to Take question

tod or nash?
Ruzina Ruzina Nov 03, 2011 11:34AM
i use to like nash a lot but now theres tod FTW!!xx

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I LOVE TOD! I would rather have Tod then Nash.

TOD IS AMAZING. fhgjdgqjdk.

He is just so... wow. ♥

I liked Nash at first but as the i read the books i started liking Todd more and more. now I really don't like Nash and if Sabine wants him - please take him and let Kaylee and Todd be happy.

I was shouting to myself "See...I told you so, it was Tod and Kaylee!"

Oooooooooo! I'm only up to book 2 who's Todd?
No don't tell me I'll read more and find out! hehe!

Niamh Tod, there is no compertion
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I LOVE TOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F 25x33
Louise Murphy TOD!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
Aug 04, 2013 08:35AM · flag

OH MY GOD I LOVE TOD!!! i feel that he cares more.

I loved Nash he was a-ma-zing but the author ruined him i thought kaylee and nash were meant to be.

I'm kinda waiting for book 2 but I'm thinking Tod

I'm only in book 2 and I already love Tod. Nash is just a player.

I loved Nash,but when Sabine showed up I started to hate him. It makes me so mad that Nash and Kaylee broke up. I thought they were meant to be. So now I'm all for Tod.

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TOD he's so cool!! :)


nash was shown as the perfect boyfriend who was caring and considerate towards kaylee and even understood her best and was there with her through tough times...but then the author totally ruined him...made him into this selfish and hopeless thing...and when sabine came...he began to spend time with her and expected kaylee to be okay with her...i mean...hello ??? which girl is going to be ok with her current boyfriend seeking help from his ex?? and it is not like he didnt noe that sabine was sort of torturing kaylee..what a jerk...he went from being this mature guy to one with the maturity of a teaspoon...i am one of those people who like happily ever afters and was really disappointed when nash turned into this asshole..but then there was tod [thank god for that] obviously anyone who has read what i have written above will chose TOD , TOD and TOD all over again

I've only reead book one but i think Nash and Kaylee should be together- but i prefer Todd. After seeing some comments, if does Nash leave Kaylee then Kaylee and Todd should be together

Tod. He's more worth it then Nash

* Big spoiler alert * It's Tod, which I think is awesome, Nash was okay at first, but Tod is way better for Kaylee. Plus Nash is kind of a jerk, let Sabine have him.

I used to like Nash, but after reading some of the other books, I am starting to like Tod a lot better.

I HAVE ONLY READ THE FIRST BOOK BUT I DON'T CARE WAHOO TOD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang on... does that seem a little necrophiliac to anyone?

I like Tod a lot more now that I've read all the way up to my soul to steal.

*slight spoiler alert*

I used to be a huge fan of Kalyee's relationship with Nash. It reminded me of my own. As Kaylee goes through her ups and downs with Nash, I follow her, and my own relationship flourishes and (sadly) suffers.
My opinion of Nash changed incredibly upon the arrival of Sabine. (For those of you who aren't there yet, prepare to become uncontrollably angry.) After her introduction (which became even more engraging as the book she was introduced in advanced) I started to lean towards Tod more. Now (half-way through the fifth book) I'm really starting to love Tod, and I really hope that him and Kaylee get closer.

Ok i'm confused whose Tod?

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