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I'm going to start a story, another member is going to catch onto the story! When you are done with the part of the story you write at the end (C2C) meant for Cover 2 Cover!

For example: Travis: Once upon a time there was a green nasty dragon his name was Edward! (C2C)

William: Edward went to the park one evening and found that dragons his generation had the best audited, Edward did not like that! (C2C)

We can all have fun with this! So I'll start.........

Tristan lived in Brooklyn all his life! He always took walks with his little sister Claire and always had a baseball catch with his dad, Steven! His mom died when Tristan was only five! Tristan is only 12 now (C2C)

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Lara' | 18 comments He could never really handle the loss of his mother. And one day another horrible thing happened. His ten-year-old sister got kidnapped.(C2C)

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Soccer Gal | 20 comments Mod
Tristan looked all over, but he couldn't find her, when he got back back his dad was gone! Now Tristan is on a quest to find his dad and his sister and the mystery of how his mom died.

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Tristan went to the Subway, but was grabbed and chloroformed as well! He was unconcious. (C2C)

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He woke up to find that he was in a scientific testing room! He was covered in all white. Tristan still felt this pounding in his head! He wonders, "Whats going on? Where's Claire? He tries to scream but nothing comes out! There's five suspicious men coming his way with big metal tools. He tries to get up but he's tied by a brown disgusting rope. One of the five men begins to speak, "Lets get him boys! His the one thats preventing this world to have peace and quiet!" Peace and quiet whats going on? (C2C)

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Tristen was dazed and confused but he knew he needed to get away. "Listen." He said. "I don't know what I ever did to you but.." The man that had spoken before cut him off. "See he just won't keep his mouth shut, because of him all of our plans for world peace were ruined. (C2C)

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Lara' | 18 comments As the men approached him, he squeezed his eyes shut. But suddenly he heard the door flying open, and gunshots. Slowly, he opened his eyes and the light dazed him for a moment. When his eyes readjusted he saw a girl his age infront of him and the men dead on the ground. (C2C)

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"Who are you?" asked Tristen. The girl shook her head "No time now, first we need to get out of here." Swiftly she cut the ropes binding him. "Follow me." Without question Tristen followed. (C2C)

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Lara' | 18 comments They ran through dark hallways until they reached stairs. After they climbed the stairs, they emerged in a cave. Tristan had no clue where they were. The girl seemed to know where she was going so he trailed after her. In the distance he saw the opening of the cave. There were a lot of trees. Finally they reached the opening and Tristan realized that they were in a forest.(C2C)

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"Wait." Said Tristan. "I know where we are, We are in the Grasillian forests in Boston." The girl nodded. "Yes, they brought you here by mistake TWPP 'The World Peace Program' were really after Jonathen Pazuki he is the one who told the United States Congress about their world annialation plan."

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Lara' | 18 comments "How do you know this?" asked Tristan. The girl looked on the ground. "Jonathen Pazuki is my brother. I knew they were going to come after him so I brought him to a safe location." Tristan looked at her. She was very pretty with her dark hair and her blue eyes. "And how comes that you saved me?"
"I was spying on them when they took you. I couldn't let them hurt an innocent person." She started for the trees and looked back at me. "Come on! We have to go before the others arrive and discover you're gone."(C2C)

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They headed through the forest going deeper and deeper until they were about in the middle, Where they came apon a small cottage. "You can stay here until I can find away to get us out of the forest." Tristan wasn't that partial to the idea of being left alone in the middle of the forest but he felt he could trust this girl.

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Soccer Gal | 20 comments Mod
He heard a scream and ran inside, it was a quaint house, not very big, but he saw blood dripping from the ceiling like raindrops against the roof and he knew this wasn't good.

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Soccer Gal | 20 comments Mod
He was trapped, he couldn't get out. All of a sudden an icy cold hand reached for his neck.

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Dani (czarinaking) As he was lifted from the ground, with the hand still grasping his neck, he came face to face with.......

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Lara' | 18 comments his mother. He gasped and stumbled backwards. He hit his head on the table beside him and the world went black.
He awakened to the feeling of something wet touching his brow. When he opened his eyes he reconized the face of the girl, who was wiping blood with a wet cloth from his brow.Then everything came rushing back and he sat up fast and looked around him but he didn't see his mother. Had he imagined it all?

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Emily I (emilyi) Tristan was positive that he hadn't imagined it so he set off to find his mother and he would keep an eye out for his mom and dad

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Dani (czarinaking) he searched, and searched, but kept coming up blank.
How could I have imagined that? he thought. She was right in front of me.
Then, out of no where, his sister was standing right beside him.

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Emily I (emilyi) "Claire?" he said "is that you?"
"There's no time to talk" Claire said, then she vanished into thin air.

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Emily I (emilyi) "Is there something wrong with me? I must be seeing ghosts! I've gone totally paranoid! Why am I talking to myself?"

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Dani (czarinaking) "Wait!!! Claire come back!! Don't leave me...." he said to himself, "don't leave me alone...."

he began to cry softly to himself, but then he relized that he still had to find his father. he started walking forward through halls and halls til he came to a big red door. Tristan's hand reached out to push the door open. it creaked as it swung open revealing....

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Emily I (emilyi) His mom and his sister "Mom! Claire! What are you doing here? Where have you been all this time?"
but all they said was "there's no time to talk" then they took a step back.

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Dani (czarinaking) "How am I supposed to come with you when you're disappearing everywhere?" Tristan asks, slighty annoyed.

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Emily I (emilyi) Tristan's mom and sister took him to the back of the room, they each put a hand on the brick wall and felt around. Soon it opened, "what the..."
"shhh" his mom said

Em~Lost In A Dream~ | 26 comments Tristan was terrified."What's going on?"

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Dani (czarinaking) "We have come for you," Claire said, speaking for the first time.

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Emily I (emilyi) "We'll tell you when it's safe" Claire said.
"Safe from what, aren't we safe now?" he asked, his mom slapped on the cheek "you're never safe, you want to know why, because you can see what others can't"

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He didn't know what they meant, he was just Tristan, just a regular 12 year old. How could he be special?

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Dani (czarinaking) "What? What do...what do you...what do you mean?" Tristan stuttered.

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Emily I (emilyi) "We can't reveal too much while we're here, but right now I'll give you the basics.If someone saw something rustling in the bushes they'd think it was the wind, but you'd see that it was actually a little goblin.

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Dani (czarinaking) "Wait, I'm so confused. What do you mean I'd see a goblin?"

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Emily I (emilyi) "Just wait, Tristan, we'll tell you all about it when we get to the safe haven" his mom said

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Who ever posts first after I post gets to start the new story! Great Story guys! VERY VERY detailed!

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Leila (leilacarrollann) | 172 comments ((I think I get to start the new story?!))

It was a cold and rainy day and Daphne was sitting by her window daydreaming about... (C2C)

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What she would be when she gets older! Remember Daphne is only 5 years old and it's the middle of the year of kindergarten, Daphne always wanted to be a small version of Sleeping Beauty but that would never happen! She runs up to her room to find her cat knocking on her closet door! Daphne starts giggling until the door opens and Daphne runs to close it, then she falls in! (C2C)

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Leila (leilacarrollann) | 172 comments She falls and falls and falls and then... SPLASH! She find herself some giant bath tub full of warm water with her cat no where to be found, she floats over to the edge and begins to climb out. (C2C)

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She finds a huge rubber ducky at the top, she keeps falling a slips to get her way to the duck! Her cat is now at her side, she grabs his tail and they climb up! She runs to the rubber ducky and jumps on! The rubber ducky flies in the air, but Daphne looks for her cat he is now no where to be found! (C2C)

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Leila (leilacarrollann) | 172 comments On the black and white tiles ground of what appears to be a giant bathroom Daphne dashes out of the way as the duck falls back toward the ground and almost hits her as it squeaks and lands on a white tile. As she catches her breathe and lays on the cold floor she hears a meow coming from the other side of the door that is open just a bit. (C2C)

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Her cat comes in but, not on four legs but, two! "Scruffy!! I didn't know you could do that!" Daphne yells while running over to Scruffy! Scruffy backs up, "Meow meow!"
"Oh Scruffy I missed you!" BOOM! BOOM! Daphne and Scruffy fly in the air! "Scruffy! What is that?" Daphne says terrified! A gigantic girl walks in, "Dolly! And Kitty!" The gigantic girl grabs Scruffy and Daphne and brings them to a HUGE pink room! The gigantic girl puts them both in her doll house! (C2C)

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Soccer Gal | 20 comments Mod
Daphne looked around scared. Where was she?

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Leila (leilacarrollann) | 172 comments Holding her kitty she looks around finding plastic furniture, pink couch, table, purple tv with no buttons, and a yellow lamp. Walking over to the lamp she finds that it doesn't fiction as it seems to be a plastic replica of a lamp and not really a lamp at all. Terror sweeps over Daphne as she feels the back of her eyes burn with tears she tries to hold back.

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Leila (leilacarrollann) | 172 comments ((Sorry C2C))

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Nataly (natalyreads) She runs through the doll house until she gets to a lilac colored room. She places Scruffy on the small, pink couch. She then jumps onto the bed and lands with a loud thud.
"Ow," she says, realizing the bed is also made of plastic. She sits up and grabs a flowered pillow, thankful that it's not plastic too, and she begins sobbing softly onto it.(C2C)

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Camryn why did this happen to me??? why?

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Dani (czarinaking) suddenly, she hears footsteps coming from from somewhere in the house. oh-no, she thinks. who it is??

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