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message 1: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments finally found a place where I belong as a member. My stuff is humorous novels. Self published and available on amazon. There are three comdic mysteries included in the list of books. Anyone interested in reviewing any of my books will receive a pdf ebook. Thanks Aaron T Knight

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments A blurb on comed Imagine a quiet world free of fossil fuel pollution. Clean air to breathe. No noise from automobiles or factories. An altruistic scientist imagined it and made it his life’s work to find a replacement for fossil fuels. When he discovers an inexhaustible source of electric power he is murdered by a special interest group trying to find the formula.
As a precaution he has hidden the formula in four parts in places around the world. Only one person will know how to find the four pieces to the formula. A wild and often hilarious pursuit ensues as OPEC, oil and gas interests and power companies attempt to be the possessor of the priceless treasure. Some groups would use it, others would destroy it.
Responsibility for finding and protecting the formula is in the hands of a young woman, an accountant, a washed up football player and an ex CIA agent. All of them have their own ideas about outwitting their pursuers as they travel to the hiding places gathering up the four parts to the invention.
It becomes a mad cap adventure as the quartet battle each
ic mystery " Special Interest "

message 3: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments Here is another comcdic mystery avilable on amazon
titled " Voted Least Likely "
Murder and money laundering are a bad combination for a suburban New Jersey bank. Baxter Bindle the president of the bank has been accused of killing a bank examiner. Baxter is the blundering, flumping and shtumphing son of a hard driving father. Disaster follows disaster leading his father to say once again " fuzzy thinking Baxter you must avoid fuzzy thinking " PS looking for book reviewers will send ebaook thanks Aaron

message 4: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments these comedic mysteries need book reviews here's the third one: " The Madonna Dilemma "
All of the seven deadly sins are alive in this mystery.A famous painting of Madonna is stolen in Rome. An art dealer is found dead in Utah. Is there a connection ? The mob boss who set up the theft of the painting can't find it. Three groups of people are trying to find the painting for profit, save their lives and save their lives and save their li--- oh, you get it, There is lying, cheating, double crosses and more ugly moves. An LA detective whose only ambition is early retirement is assigned to the case.All of the ingredients for some fun are here.

message 5: by Melki (new)

Melki | 3515 comments Mod
The Madonna Dilemma sounds like fun, Aaron. I put it on my wish-list at Amazon.

message 6: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments based on your sense of humor I think it's a fit you won't know who the murderer is until the end I promise you and there are several surprises you won't see coming thanks for the lift aaron

message 7: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments melki if you would prefer to have me download an
ebook for review let me know thanks aaron

message 8: by Melki (new)

Melki | 3515 comments Mod
I would probably get to it sooner that way, as I will need to win the lottery to buy all the things on my Amazon wish-list.

message 9: by Aaron (new)

Aaron T. (jackcd) | 39 comments I don't have your email address pls send and I will send a pdf of madonna dilemma thanks aaron

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